Meet the Men of MISSING as We Preview ABC’s Action-Packed New Series

It is every parent’s worst nightmare: their son or daughter goes abroad and goes missing.  Yet in this new series, there is a fortunate twist.  Becca Winstone is no ordinary mother in search of her missing son. She is a former CIA agent and, as such, she has a vast amount of training and knowledge at her fingertips — not to mention the powerful allies she can tap into along the way. 
In ABC’s new drama series MISSING, Ashley Judd portrays the ferocious and tenacious Becca Winstone; and while  the story initially focuses her search for her son, as the events play out, an interesting storyline emerges.  This was no simple kidnapping.  Becca’s teenage son Michael was targeted with a specific purpose in mind; and the deeper Becca’s search leads her into the bowels of European espionage, the more everyone begins to see the pattern behind the abduction. 
Fleshing out the incredible ensemble of actors recruited to bring this story to life are Sean Bean, who portrays Becca’s husband and fellow CIA agent; Nick Eversman, who plays Becca’s  teenage son, Michael who goes to study architecture abroad; Cliff Curtis, who plays the curious CIA liaison in Paris; and Adriano Giannini, a charming lover from Becca’s past who works for Interpol. 
In a recent press conference, stars Adriano Giannini, Cliff Curtis and Nick Eversman provides some key insight and answers about their characters and the labyrinthine world of MISSING.

Just as key to the story are not simply the heroes, but the villains, and one such villain is French intelligence agent Antoine Lussier, portrayed by Joaquim de Almeida.  What exactly did Becca do to incur the wrath of the most powerful spy in Europe?  While that story is best seen to be believed, suffice it to say that sometimes one enemies can be just as useful as an ally when lives on the line. 
The beating heart of this story is not just an ex-CIA operative in search of an asset, this is a story of a mother’s desperate search to save her son.  She may be better skilled and in a position to reign down terror on those who are responsible, but the terror of any parent helpless to keep their children safe is a familiar feeling for many.
Counter-balancing the high-octane, adrenaline-fueled story of a woman racing against the clock, there is a deeper undercurrent of mystery.  Who would be behind such an abduction?  And why?  Is this an attempt to coerce Becca back into the game or get information that only she can provide?  If so, why are no demands made?  The secrecy and stealth with which this kidnapping is done speaks to a more sinister motivation.  It is only once Becca begins to look closer into her own past that she may find the answers.  Something happened 10 years before that set these events in motion.  It  is said that a CIA agent never truly retires.  The bullseye is forever painted on their back and when a past debt comes to collect, the price can be too high.  What did Becca and her husband do all those years before that has come back to haunt them? 
In a 10-episode bookended story, MISSING invites viewers in the search for Michael and to discover the true reasons for his abduction.  The show will traverse the globe and take viewers to some of the most spectacular cities in Europe.  You are invited on this incredible journey in the quest to save Michael.
MISSING premieres Thursday night at 8PM on ABC (CTV in Canada)

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