Morning Static: COMMUNITY, THE KILLING, LUCK & More!

• Q&A: COMMUNITY’s Jim Rash.
• Tragic on so many levels, HBO cancels LUCK in the aftermath of a third horse death.
• Pilot Watch: Scott Wolf joins the CW’s JOEY DAKOTA.
• Must Read TV: Can THE KILLING make a comeback?
• Because There is Nothing We Love More Than a Edutaining Infographic: COMMUNITY Relationships 101.
• When Will GREY’S ANATOMY End? Check in with boss Shonda Rhimes for her take.
• DAMMIT! Fox presses pause on the 24 movie.
• For Anyone Who Has Ever Dreamed of Being a “Nielsen Family,” Please consider supporting

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  • Anonymous

    That Rash guy is a hoot!  But like most of the side characters on Community, they’re best done in very small doses.