Play TV Showrunner Madness 2012 (Round 1, Division 2)

If there is one thing we here at pride ourselves on, it’s knowing when we strike a chord. Thus, after the success of last season’s inaugural bracket, “TV Showrunner madness is back and bigger and better than ever! 2 Divisions, 48 Showrunners, and one simple question for you to answer: In our fictional fantasy world in which we could award one special Showrunner (or Showrunning duos) an unlimited budget and complete creative control free of any-and-all network inference to create their very own television magnum opus – which Showrunner (or Showrunners) would you deem most worthy?

Voting kicks off today with Division 2 (In case you missed it, Division 1 Voting started Monday) So why not get a closer look at the brackets by clicking here for a larger version of the above image, and vote for your favorites after the jump.

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  • I wonder if Steven Moffat would have a better chance of winning if among his shows, Sherlock was the one mentioned instead of Doctor Who.

  • Liz

    Quite possibly. I hadn’t realized it was him. I voted for him despite liking Downton Abbey a lot. Mostly because DA got REALLY soapy in the second season, dropping a few plotlines very quickly, and sometimes going some very contrived directions.  Doctor Who is not entirely my cup of tea, but has been going in some very inspired directions in the past couple of years.  

    But yeah, for sure  mentioning Sherlock would have locked in my vote without a second thought.

  • Never seen any show runners care as much about their show and their fans as Bill Lawrence & Kevin Biegel!  Throwing parties and meeting fans all over the country and constantly interacting with people on twitter?! Amazing and above and beyond!  Makes Cougar Town even more enjoyable! They are the best!

  • Anonymous

    Pitting the LOST guys vs. ONCE UPON A TIME guys?  That’s just unfair.  Two of the greatest TV shows ever.