Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Characters Deserving A Spin-Off

Take a look at the slate of pilots in development, and you’ll see a few that inspire a bit of excitement… and a lot more that seem awfully familiar. Procedurals? Check. Primetime soaps? Check. Cop shows? Check. Which got us thinking: Since clearly, TV execs believe that familiarity is what viewers want, why not prepare a few spin-offs featuring characters we already love? Sure, spin-offs are risky and bomb (AFTERMASH) as often as they succeed (FRASIER), but that can be said of any show these days, right? So here are our picks for 5 characters we’d love to see get their own shows!

When this show (finally) limps to an end this season, we’d love to see the fiery redhead given a show worthy of portrayerMarcia Cross. Our suggestion? A sitcom featuring Bree as the host of a cooking show who butts heads with her annoyingly-perky producer (should COMMUNITY bite the bullet, we’d love to see Gillian Jacobs in the part) while fending off advances from the aggressive chef who heads up the network’s top-rated show.

Eric Braeden’s alter ego is rich, powerful, egotistical and bullheaded. We’d take him out of Genoa City, Wisconsin and move him straight to Manhattan for a drama in which the full-of-himself blowhard tycoon decides to buy himself an election. Think Donald Trump… except less ridiculous and with better hair.

Consuela, FAMILY GUY
Forget Cleavland! The Quahog resident we’d give a show to is the slow-speaking, English-challenged, work-eschewing maid. Imagine if she won the lottery… but didn’t quite understand how rich she actually was and continued working? Yup… we’d watch that. (Then again, we’d watch anything featuring Consuela… including the hysterical Twitter account @ms_consuelafg.

Chris Harrison, THE BACHELOR
No matter how bad the reality show and its various incarnations gets, we can’t help dubbing this guy the host with the most. Most what? Heck, everything! We’d turn his life into a faux reality show comedy called COOLER THAN YOU. Because no matter who you are, we’re pretty sure he is.

What would we put him in? Anything. We’re flexible. (Okay, full disclosure here: The only reason we’re suggesting this laughably tough-talking character gets his own show is that he’s an annoyance on an otherwise practically perfect series.)

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  • Oh, thank goodness. When I first saw Declan, I thought you really wanted to see him featured in another series. I, too, think he’s bringing down Revenge one petulant look at a time. Can’t we just put him on Jack’s boat and say good-bye?

  • Anonymous

     Kid needs to get back to Gossip Girl.  As close as he was to his grandmother, he couldn’t even show up at CeCe’s funeral?  Weird.

    Maybe he could be cast as an amateur detective in a GG spinoff, “Where In The World Is Jenny Humphrey?” 

  • Anonymous

    Marcia Cross and her frozen expressionless face need to not be on tv anymore.
    I vote for Amy Brenneman’s character on PP.  She is so wasted on that show.

  • Cheryl Spence

    I would love to see Eric Braeden in a prime time series. His talents are being wasted on the Y&R.

  • Anonymous

    I, too, would like to see Declan in a spin-off. I suggest a Groundhog Day type of show, where he’ll be killed in every episode.

  • I totally thought that maid was a cartoon Zoila.