Play TV Showrunner Madness 2012 (Round 2, Division 2)

Seven Days and a whopping 30,000 plus votes later, the fight for your favorite TV Showrunner continues with Round 2 (Division 2) of TV Showrunner Madness: Our fictional fantasy in which we award one special Showrunner (or Showrunning duos) an unlimited budget and complete creative control free of any-and-all network inference to create their very own television magnum opus.

Now down to 24 Showrunners strong, the fate of your favorite scribe lies in the tip of your voting fingertip. So why not get a closer look at the brackets by clicking here for a larger version of the above image and vote for your favorites after the jump.

Polls Close on Thursday March 22 at the stroke of midnight (EST).

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  • Katims vs. Harmon is cruel. I love them both for completely different reasons.