Morning Static: CBS, COMMUNITY, HANNIBAL & More!

• Mark Your Calendars, CBS announces finale dates.
• Friday Fun: Celebrities read tweets about themselves.
• Pilot Watch: Alyssa Milano to become one of ABC’s MISTRESSES.
• Must Read TV: Bill Maher says “Please Stop Apologizing.”
• The British Invasion Continues, as NBC’s HANNIBAL casts a starring role.
• Pop! Pop! Dan Harmon credits NBC for recent COMMUNITY ratings bump.
• Oh Canada: Bell Media orders 13 more episodes of THE LA COMPLEX.

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  • Anonymous

    Bill Maher has penned the most needed, accurate and appreciated editorial in the history of editorials.  Thank you, man, from the bottom of my heart!!  What kind of a nutty world have we evolved into where we feel the need to “pounce” on every word that (faux) “offends” us?  Who gave anyone the right to be the Thought Police??