Play TV Showrunner Madness 2012 (Round 3)

This just in: TV Showrunner Madness is not for the faint of heart. What started out as a field of 48 very deserving scribes has been whittled down to an elite 8 12. Which of course is where things get tricky.

Can you possibly choose between Dan Harmon or the dynamic duo of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse? Does the brains behind the mother of all mysteries (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s Carter Bays and Craig Thomas) have what it takes to take down the genius (REVENGE’s Mike Kelley) behind the mother of all mothers (REVENGE’s Victoria Grayson)? Does the brilliance of Aaron Sorkin even have a prayer when pitted up against the collective fandom that is the Whedonverse? Well, hold onto your hats folks because we’re about to find out.

Which is our way of saying that have until exactly the stroke of midnight (EST) on Tuesday March 27th to vote for your favorites (after the jump). So what are you waiting for, get voting!

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  • Even Sophie couldn’t possibly choose between Dan Harmon and Damon Lindelof/Carlton Cuse.

  • Anonymous

    Not to be a bitch, because this is a cool idea and whatnot, but… Terrence Witer and most importantly… David Simon? How are they not up there? They weren’t last year, but thankfully you have since included Gilligan and Weiner…