We Celebrate 25 Years of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL By Running Down Our 5 Favorite Moments

In February, NCIS celebrated having filmed 200 episodes over the course of 9 seasons. And kudos to them… but today, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — the youngest of the four remaining daytime soaps — celebrates its 25th anniversary. Just to give this accomplishment a little perspective, let’s imagine that NCIS manages to hold on for another 13 years. Upon marking its silver anniversary, the drama would have aired approximately 425 episodes. And not to downplay what an incredible (if unlikely) scenario that would be, the fashion-based sudser that today turns a quarter century old has delivered over 6,200 episodes. Let that sink in for a minute… and then, let’s flash back to our five favorite moments (and it was tough to pick!) from the show’s history.

Thorne Shoots Ridge (1988)
What do you do upon discovering that your big brother slept with your wife? If you’re Thorne Forrester, you get drunk, take some sleeping pills, shoot your brother in the head… and then conveniently forget about having done so. The woman in question, Caroline, eventually realized that Ridge was her true love. She left her hubby, married his brother… and promptly died of cancer.

The Madcap Misadventures of Sally Spectra (1989-2006)
The larger-than-life redhead who fronted knock-off design house Spectra Fashions was the living embodiment of camp thanks to her portrayer, the late Darlene Conley. Whether Sally was disguising herself as a man to sneak into a rival’s fashion show or giving frienemy Stephanie a new hairdo while both were drunk, she remained wildly funny without ever letting us forget that if you looked past the comedic antics, you’d find a generous woman with a heart as big as her hair.

Nutty Nurse Sheila Shows Up (1992)
For two years, Sheila had been making life hell for the residents of Genoa City, Wisconsin (home to B&B’s sister-soap, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS). Then, one spring day, the villainous vixen fell victim to her own machinations and was burned to death in a farmhouse. Or so it seemed… until the manipulative minx was seen picking up a newspaper and reading a Help Wanted ad which led her to apply for a position at Forrester Creations!

Ridge and Bridget Kiss (2003)
Over the years, the Forrester clan’s motto seems to have been “If you can’t keep it in your pants, keep it in the (extended) family), whether it was Thomas Forrester romancing stepsister Hope Logan or her mom, Brooke Logan, marrying true love Ridge’s father (Eric), brother (Thorne), half-brother (Nick) in between trips down the aisle with her favorite hubby. But no story pushed the envelope quite so much as the one in which Bridget Forrester developed feelings for and eventually shared a few kisses with Ridge, who aside from being her father-in-law had at one time believed himself to be her father!

Stephanie vs. Brooke (1987-present)
No traditional couple on this show has entertained us as much as the 25-year-long relationship that has developed between the two most important women in Ridge’s life: His overbearing mother, Stephanie, and the woman she long-ago dubbed “that slut from the Valley”, Brooke. Their fussing, fighting, feuding and occasional short-lived forays into friendship have been the unexpected heart of this wonderfully quirky soap practically from day one. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

PS: Wanna know some of our other favorite moments that were debated over but didn’t wind up making the cut? Among the may were Ridge proposing to Taylor in St. Thomas; Brooke inventing the wrinkle-free fabric BeLieF (and celebrating by making love to Ridge on the floor of her lab); Deacon arranging for Bridget’s family to listen in as he deflowered her; The shocking reveal that the masked-woman Oliver made love with during a party was not girlfriend Hope but her mom, Brooke; and of course the infamous “I now pronounce you man and… horse!”

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  • NCIS is in its ninth season, not twelfth. That would be CSI. 😉