GAME OF THRONES Re-Watch: “The Wolf and the Lion” and “A Golden Crown”

War is coming… and we can’t wait! Which is precisely why, in anticipation of GAME OF THRONES long-awaited return this Sunday April 1st on HBO (and HBO Canada), your very own TV Addict recently decided to brush up on the our George R.R. Martin mythology by spending a recent Saturday entrenched on our very own iron throne (Read: Couch). What follows, is our fun and pithy episode guide, with format inspiration courtesy of our bible, Entertainment Weekly. See for yourself, after the jump.

FIRST AIRED: 5/15/11 WRITERS: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss DIRECTOR: Brian Kirk SYNOPSIS: As tensions build between King Robert and Ned Stark over how to handle the growing threat that is the Targaryen alliance with the Dothraki, Lady Stark travels to the Eyrie in an an attempt to enlist the assistance of John Aryn’s widow Lysa in the fight against the Lannister family. INTRODUCED: A parent whose skills are on par with Alicia Silverstone, Lady Stark’s sister Lysa, who for some reason or other still feels the need to breast feed her 8 year old son. HISTORIC MOMENT: Even amidst the Seven Kingdoms it gets better, as the series introduces its first gay couple in the form of jouster Ser Loras Tyrell and King Robert’s brother Renly Baratheon. Who knew? LESSON LEARNED: Jousting is not nearly as easy fun as Heath Ledger’s film A Knight’s Tale might have led us to believe. CRITIQUE: While the episode may have left a sour taste in our mouth thanks to the horrific horse beheading that hit a little too close to home as a result of HBO’s recent woes with LUCK, “The Wolf and the Lion” most certainly added some interesting layers when it came to the downside of sitting in the iron throne. Turns out, where King Robert is left with no choice but to order an assassination of a pregnant teenager (Daenerys) or trapped in a loveless marriage (with Queen Cersei), being King isn’t nearly as exciting as a The Lion King’s young Simba made it out to be. GRADE: B+

FIRST AIRED: 5/22/11 WRITERS: Jane Espenson and David Benioff and D.B. Weiss DIRECTOR: Daniel Minahan SYNOPSIS: While a captive Tyrion strategizes to save himself from an eternity spent in what we can only imagine is the most uncomfortable jail cell in the history of the world, Khal Drogo and Khaleesi Daenerys put a permanent end to Daenerys quest for the throne. HISTORIC MOMENT: Ned Stark finally clues into why Prince Joffrey has such golden blond hair! LESSON LEARNED: A Lannister always pays his debts. CRITIQUE: From the opening scene that saw Daenerys prove her Dothraki mettle by eating a horse’s heart, to the closing one that saw brother Viserys receive his literal final payment from Khal Drogo in the form of a killer crown, “A Golden Crown” was a roller coaster ride of thrills and chills. Cooler still, when we weren’t on the edge of seat marvelling at the stories fearlessness when it came to killing off a major character that those unfamiliar with the source material naturally assumed would play a major role throughout the series, we were howling in laughter at Tyrion Lannister’s ingenious plan to win his freedom by demanding a trial by combat (with a twist!). GRADE: A

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  • Jousting was not made to appear FUN in AKT either. Maybe you should re-watch the film.

  • About A Knight’s Tale, Mark Addy (King Robert) played Heath Ledger’s friend in the movie as well.

  • About A Knight’s Tale, Mark Addy (King Robert) played Heath Ledger’s friend in the movie as well.