Last Sunday’s penultimate SHAMELESS of the season was off the hook! Any idea if we’ll ever see Ian’s very-random hook-up again? — Nick
The TV Addict: Funny you should ask, because we just so happened to have finished watching Sunday’s fantastic second season finale and can assure you that Ian’s one night stand doesn’t just come back to haunt him, but does so in a way we didn’t — but probably should have — seen coming. Cooler still, unlike the SHAMELESS’ first season, which ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, Sunday’s second season ends on more of a positive note for those already dreading the interminable nine month wait until Season three.

Any word on when poor Erica will finally kick the bucket on PRIVATE PRACTICE? — Jenn
The TV Addict: While we’re hesitant to pinpoint an exact end date for poor Erica and the nightmarish time spent on PRIVATE PRACTICE this season, we can let you in a little something interesting courtesy of a source close to production. In the upcoming fifth season finale, a character will, in a court of law no less, be accused of “pulling a Kevorkian!” Read into that what you will.

Are Barney and Quinn seriously going to move in with one another on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER? — Dylan
The TV Addict: Yes. And it’s gonna be Legen… wait for it…. Oh, who are we kidding! The only thing we’re sure of when it comes to what the future holds for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is that when the show finally does return from its traditional hiatus (March Madness, indeed), it will do so with an episode that has all the trappings of one destined to become a classic. After-all, nothing says Legen… wait for it… Dary like an episode that sees Ted, Marshall and Barney embark on another “trilogy time” in which they get together every three years to watch the “Star Wars” trilogy and envision what their lives will be like in another three years.

Care to make up for your total lack of HAWAII FIVE-0 coverage by sharing a little scoop? — Frank
The TV Addict: As an apology for spending our Monday nights at 10PM glued to anything but HAWAII FIVE-0 (Read: SMASH and CASTLE), we hope you’ll accept this little piece of intel with regards to some guy name Wo Fat. Turns out, one of the island’s big baddies may have some friends in high places. Or at least that’s what Danny will take away from a mysterious season ending meeting with a source inside the CIA who alerts him to Wo Fat’s links to both the U.S. Government and the C.I.A.

Is Tyler ever going to return to Mystic Falls? — Rochelle
The TV Addict: If you’re one of the many VAMPIRE DIARIES fans who have been flooding our inbox with demands for Tyler’s return, please keep in mind two very important things. First and foremost, just because we run a fairly popular television blog that mentions THE VAMPIRE DIARIES every so often does in no way mean we have any control as to what goes on in the show. Along those same lines, we also have no power when it comes to bringing back MOONLIGHT and/or LEGEND OF THE SEEKER to the air, and have absolutely zero knowledge when it comes to whether or not REVENGE’s Gabriel Mann is really gay (Editor’s note: You would not believe what people enter into Google to come across!). What we can do is alert you to the fact that Tyler does make his much-anticipated return during the April 19th episodes of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES entitled “Heart of Darkness.” What’s more, it’s a return that is mired in disappointment after everybody’s favorite teen wolf starts to suspect that a little something something has been going on between Caroline and Klaus.

Dying to discover just how long Cricket and Blake’s marriage of convenience can withstand the lack of intimacy on GCB? — Brandon
The TV Addict: If our recent one-on-one with actor Mark Deklin is any indication, the clock is most definitely ticking on Cricket and Blake’s sham (?) of a marriage. And while we could very easily spill the beans as to which member of the soon to be not-so-happy couple is to blame for the marital drama that is hurdling towards Dallas, we’d much rather attempt to entice you to return to tomorrow when we run our complete interview with the affable actor himself.

Is HART OF DIXIE ever returning to my television screen? I feel as thought it has been forever since I got to spend some much needed time in Bluebell Alabama! — Rachel
The TV Addict: It has! Which is why we’re thrilled to report that when HART OF DIXIE does return, it will be making up for lost time by delivering one of its most dramatic episodes to date. Entitled “Heart to Hart,” the April 2nd episode not only marks the long-awaited arrival of Zoe’s “father” to operate on George’s ailing one, but will also see Lemon attempt to bond with Zoe in an effort to ensure her lips are sealed with regards to Lemon’s very unladylike fling with Lavon. Needless to say, we can’t wait.

Now that the creative team on SMASH have decided they need a bonafide movie star if they want to see Marilyn make it to Broadway, where does that leave both Karen and Ivy? — Lisa
The TV Addict: Infomercials! No really. An upcoming episode of SMASH will actually have the talented twosome competing with each other over the same orange-juice commercial. That said, members of both Team Karen and/or Team Ivy shouldn’t lose hope just yet. After-all, there will most definitely room for at least one understudy when big time movie star Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) joins the cast to take on the titular role of Marilyn Monroe.

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