Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Ladyboys We Want Featured On RUPAUL’s DRAG RACE’s All-Star Season!

Given that the ratings for the gay-centric network Logo are so bad that they basically trying to butch themselves up with a yet-to-be-announced lineup of shows aimed at a more mainstream audience, chances are good that you’ve never seen that outlet’s one decent program, RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE. But if you’re among those who know the pleasure of hearing Mother Ru clapping her hands for silence or warning grown men in dresses that “the time has now come for you to lipsynch… for your life!” in such dramatic fashion that guest judge Lily Tomlin thought a literal execution was about to occur, then you’re no doubt giddy at the prospect of the recently-announced all-star season. So which queens are we most anxious to see return? Glad you asked!

Shangela Laquifa Wadley
After beyond told to sashay away during the first episode of season two, this girly boy returned to turn season three on its ear. If she’s not a shoo-in for the all-star edition, we’ll ki ki with the nearest daytime hooker. (We’re that certain!) Can I get a hallelu?

Sure, his drag name is a little lackluster, but over the past few weeks, “What rule did he break?” has become the hottest question since “Who shot JR?”… or at least since “Where do they put their… you know!”

Pandora Boxx
Despite knock-out performances during season two (including a killer Carol Channing impersonation), this funny gal found herself a runner-up so often that Rupaul dubbed her “the Susan Lucci of this competition.”

Manilla Luzon
Sorry, Raja, but ever since season three ended, we’ve been pretending that this fiesty Filipino walked away the winner. And why not let Manilla compete against her real-life significant other, Sahara Davenport?

Latrice Royale
As of now still in the running, this season four queen has a heart as big as… well, the rest of her. You get the feeling that once she kicks your butt, she’ll pull you into an embrace and make you feel better about having lost. 

Richard M. Simms is the executive editor of Soaps In Depth magazine and the author of Crimes Against Civility.

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