Report: The CW to Cut the Cable Cord?

How to you solve a problem like The CW?

How do you continue to invest hundreds of millions of dollars per year airing and marketing some of television’s most addictive dramas to the tune of embarrassing 1 to 2 million viewers per episode?

If you’re the fledgling CW — a Network that since being born from the ashes of the defunct WB and UPN Networks in 2006 has failed to attract a substantial audience that through no fault of its own has pretty much eschewed traditional live viewing in favor of DVR and online alternatives — you. The CW is cutting the cable cord! has learned exclusively that that The CW will announce plans at a press conference tomorrow to take the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em approach” by being the first of the major Networks to go internet only. Starting Fall 2012, the only way you’ll be able to experience your favorite vampires, gossip girls and/or supernatural saviors is via an internet enabled web browser, iOs/Android device or Xbox 360/PS3 gaming console.

“Rather than continue to fight the uphill battle that is broken business model, The CW’s parent companies Warner Bros. and CBS Corp. has decided to chart a new course,” explained the Network’s Senior VP of Market Research Lirpa Sloof in a statement released today. “This new online-only method of distribution will not only ensure our hit roster of shows continue to reach our increasingly internet-bound audience, but will solidify the Network’s future. After-all, one needn’t look further than a list of Twitter trending topics to see just how popular show such as THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, GOSSIP GIRL and SUPERNATURAL really are.”

According to Sloof, to help spread the word, the CW Network has teamed up with Apple to give away thousands of CW branded iPads. For your chance to enter, residents of the United States can click here to fill be taken to their entry form >>

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  • Guest


  • Wow. Give them credit. They are embracing the future and their current demographic. Shocked but not surprised because they cater to such a young demo that the bulk of those viewers watch online, at their leisure, using torrents or other illegal download alternatives.

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing is that it isn’t that bad of an idea. lol 

  • You once convinced us that Firefly was returning via Netflix. With their recent spate of canceled show buying, you could have just run that article again, and it would have worked well again.

  • Nick

    Have I mentioned how much I hate this day?

  • Eric Pharand


  • IA. They’re bleeding live viewership at an alarming rate. They should be a cable channel and run shorter seasons.

  • Wow, I read this a day late and kept thinking that this was an awesome idea!