We Celebrate Tonight’s Series Finale of ONE TREE HILL By Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

In recognition of ONE TREE HILL’s remarkable 9 year run coming to a close this evening on the CW, theTVaddict.com thought it might be fun to give you an idea as to how far we have come by taking a brief back at what was permeating the television landscape when the show premiered way back in September 2003. See for yourself after the jump.

NET 8PM 8:30PM 9PM 9:30PM 10PM 10:30PM
ABC 8 Simple Rules… I’m with Her According to Jim Less Than Perfect NYPD Blue
CBS Navy NCIS The Guardian Judging Amy
FOX Joe Millionaire 24
NBC Whoopi Happy Family Frasier Good Morning Miami Law & Order: SVU
UPN One on One All of Us Rock Me Baby The Mullets
WB Gilmore Girls One Tree Hill

Here’s what the primetime schedule looked like when ONE TREE HILL premiered. Even back then, OTH was up against some pretty stiff competition including 24, FRASIER and whatever ROCK ME BABY and THE MULLETS were. R.I.P. UPN Network.

Way back in 2003, Prince William was the world’s most eligible bachelor, Alicia Silverstone was making what would turn out to be a very short-lived first foray into the wonderful world of episodic television with MISS MATCH and everybody loved Jennifer Anniston.

Full disclosure: We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry at the cost of gasoline back in 2002.

Rank Day Net Show Rating
1 Thur. CBS Survivor: Pearl Islands (Thursday) 21.5
2 Mon. ABC Monday Night Football 18.3
3 Sun. FOX 55th Annual Emmy Awards 17.9
4 Mon. CBS Everybody Loves Raymond 14.4
5 Thur. CBS CSI (R) 14.4
6 Tues. ABC A Life of Laughter: John Ritter 14.0
7 Thur. NBC Friends (R) 12.9
8 Wed. NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) 12.2
9 Mon. CBS CSI: Miami (R) 11.6
10 Thur. NBC Will & Grace (R) 11.6

For their own health and sanity, current NBC executives who may-or-may-not-be reading this should probably avert their eyes when it comes to the above look at what ratings were like back in 2003

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