This Just In: Fox Renews GLEE, NEW GIRL and RAISING HOPE

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more hopeful for Fox’s down-on-their-luck Chance family comes today’s somewhat surprising announcement that RAISING HOPE will get another season to, as the show’s title suggests, raise hope. What’s more, jumping on the renewal bandwagon that sees the Network give a much-deserved third season to the critically-acclaimed laugher will be a second helping of NEW GIRL and a fourth season of GLEE.

“Over the past season, NEW GIRL has become the hottest new appointment series for young adults; RAISING HOPE has established itself as one of the smartest and most unique offbeat comedies on television; and GLEE has continued its success as a genre-defying, global cultural phenomenon,” said Reilly. “All three of these comedies add a fresh and distinctive flavor to our Tuesday nights, and I’m really happy to bring them back to our air next season.”

Not so fortunate were the likes of FRINGE, THE FINDER, TOUCH, ALCATRAZ and BREAKING IN. All of which will more than likely be playing the dreaded waiting game until their fates are finally revealed during Fox’s traditional mid-May Upfront in New York City. Which, if we had to guess will go a little something like so: FRINGE will be rewarded with 13 episodes to properly wrap up their story by midseason, TOUCH will get a January 2013 pickup, while THE FINDER, ALCATRAZ and BREAKING IN will live out their days on that great DVD shelf in the sky (Sniff).

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  • Liz

    Aw man.  I was liking Alcatraz.  here’s hoping anyway.

  • Chris-wait

    Really happy about Raising Hope. I wonder what chances are of the audience growing next year?