Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Lessons Learned From Jennifer Love Hewitt’s THE CLIENT LIST

Driving drunk ain’t the only thing friends don’t let friends do.
You’d think that Selena, the friend who suggests Riley join her in working at The Rub, might have mentioned the whole “the real money’s in happy endings” thing. Or that the establishment’s owner might have checked to see if Riley was interested in offering customers more than a deep-tissue massage before risking the entire not-entirely-legal operation!
Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.
When Riley’s brother-in-law (and obvious future love interest) Evan suggested she’d landed a sugar daddy, the beauty fumed, “That is so… so insulting!” Because somehow, taking money from one guy is more degrading than taking cash from a lot of dudes.
Only hot guys pay for sexy time.
The only unattractive client Riley saw — a chubby guy with more hair on his back than on the collective heads of the Osmond clan — was at the spa for a traditional massage. The minute she started specializing in below-the-belt work, her customers began to look like the staff of an Abercrombie & Fitch store.
All madame’s have a heart of gold.
“My girls ARE my family!” declared owner Georgia who, sweet as pie or not, is basically a female pimp. Guess the black sheep of Georgia’s family would be the former employee who ran off with her hubby.
It’s easy to cause a stir in Texas.
“Put your shirt back on! The neighbors are staring!” declared Riley. To one of her fellow masseuses? Nah, to Evan, who’d stripped down to mow the lawn.

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