Andrew Marlowe Reacts to Winning TV Showrunner Madness 2012

After an astounding 75,000 votes, what started with forty-eight very deserving showrunners in our second-annual TV Showrunner Madness Competition has been whittled down to one with CASTLE’s Andrew Marlowe coming out victorious in a truly epic battle against UK counterpart Steven Moffat. Accordingly, we here at would not only like to take this opportunity to thank all of our passionate and vocal readers for voting, but the equally enthused Showrunners for being such good sports. Particularly this year’s winner, Andrew Marlowe — who following in the tradition started by last year’s winner Hart Hanson — was only to happy to take some time out of his incredibly busy schedule to personally pass along a letter of thanks to the entirety of the CASTLE fandom. See for yourself, after the jump.


In response to winning the TV Showrunner Madness Poll.

I can’t tell you how surprised, shocked and delighted I am to have won the Showrunner madness poll, especially given the tremendous competition I was up against. But all thanks must go to our loyal and passionate Castle fans who made it all possible. You guys rock.

In this competition, I was proud to represent the United States Television Industry against a new and subversive British Invasion, which is cleverly trying to use good writing and creative storytelling as weapons in an all out culture war. As long as they have talented folks like Steve Moffat on their team, we must be ever vigilant.

Thanks again to the Castle fans and everyone else who voted for me. In the middle of shooting the explosive season finale, it was a real treat to be honored by you guys.

And now I’m off to spend my fictional unlimited budget on fictional hookers and blow.

Andrew W. Marlowe
Executive Producer / Creator / Showrunner – “Castle”

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