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Miss last night’s episode? Here’s what you need to know about GAME OF THRONES’ “What Is Dead May Never Die”

AIRDATE: 4/16/12 WRITER:: Bryan Cogman DIRECTOR: Alik Sakharov SYNOPSIS: As Stark youngin’s Sansa, Arya and Bran attempt to adjust to their current predicaments that see Sansa getting a crash course in the realities of being promised to Joffrey, a bed-stricken Bran attempt to wrap his head around mysterious dreams that reveal a very interesting connection to his direwolve, and Arya cleverly continuing to save the day by alerting Joffrey’s henchman to the identity of “Gendry,” Theon chooses loyalty to his biological House Greyjoy over his adoptive Stark family in the coming war. Also of interest, a lengthy glimpse into Renly Baratheon’s camp, while Tyrion Lannister — hoping to avoid the same fate that befell the previous two Hands of the King — launches a oh-so-clever campaign to weed out those on the incredibly shrinking Small Council who wish to betray him. INTRODUCED: Time spent in Renly Baratheon’s camp not only affords audiences an introduction to Brienne of Tarth who has the dubious distinction of becoming the first female member of the royal guard, but Renly’s beard, err… very understanding wife Margaery, who just so happens to be sister to Renly’s secret lover Loras “Knight of Flowers” Tyrell. NOTABLE QUOTABLE: “You think the piece of paper father gave you keeps you safe… Ned Stark had a piece of paper too,” seethed Cersei upon learning that brother Tyrion had “plans” to use her only daughter as a pawn in the literal game of thrones. LESSON LEARNED: “A very small man can cast a very large shadow,” was Lord Varys acute observation upon discovering Tyrion’s method for sussing out Cersei’s spies. CRITIQUE: Culminating in a thrilling confrontation between King Joffrey’s henchman and the soon-to-be (wo)men of the Night’s Watch “What Is Dead May Never Die” may have been our favorite episode of the season to date. Which speaks volumes when it comes to our appreciation for Tyrion’s shrewdness, Arya’s bravery and Renly’s beard (both literally and figuratively), considering the episode was completely devoid of a single scene with Daenerys, Jaime Lannister and/or Robb Stark. GRADE: A-

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