Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Actresses Who Could Replace Our Favorite DOWNTON Dame

The news that Maggie Smith — aka everyone’s favorite Dowager Countess (although, honestly, can you name another) — will probably exit DOWNTON ABBEY after season three left us fanning ourselves and reaching for the smelling salts. And, while dames don’t come any grander than the veteran actress, TheTVAddict could conceivably accept one of the following filling the void.

Joan Collins
C’mon, admit it — when you think of British bitches, who do you think of? After Simon Cowell, that is. It’s the erstwhile Alexis Carrington!
Dame Judi Dench
Alright, considering she’s already played the queen of England, “dowager countess” may be a step down. But you can’t argue that she doesn’t have the pedigree to play the part.

Joanna Lumley
The ABFAB boozehound repeatedly protested in the UPSTAIRS DOWNTON ABBEY spoof that she belonged among the elite. We didn’t necessarily take her suggestion as a joke!
Meryl Streep
By now, the Oscar winner can get her English on as easily as she can her glasses. So, Julian Fellowes, may we suggest that to land her, you give your new character a lisp? A stutter? Something!
Miss Piggy
The Muppets star certainly has the, um, chops to hold her own opposite Lady This and Lady That. But could she handle the fact that the drama isn’t ALL about moi? Er, vows…

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  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT.  Joan Collins for the freakin’ WIN!