Miss last night’s episode? Here’s what you need to know about HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s “Now We’re Even”

AIRDATE: 4/16/12 WRITER:: Chuck Tatham DIRECTOR: Pamela Fryman SYNOPSIS: As Marshall attempts to come to grips with Lily having a sex dream about someone other than himself, Robin finds herself frustrated with her current level of fame, while Barney — for reasons which we’ll get to later —proclaims to Ted that every night needs to be of the legendary variety. INTRODUCED: Barney’s point system for the game of life, also known as his way of coercing Ted to spend a night… forming a Mariachi band… bringing a horse into the bar… attempt to eat everything on the bar’s menu… steal a mummy from the Museum of Natural History… etc… NOTABLE QUOTABLE: According to Barney, “The best thing about dating a stripper is getting to say, ‘Hey, I’m dating a stripper’.” LESSON LEARNED: “Vermilion is the color of carnal shame,” says Marshall who equates Lily’s change of skin tone to the fact that she was embarrassed to tell him the truth about who she was dreaming about. Adds Barney on the subject of who Lily might be dreaming about, “I’ve spent the last five years trying to inception your wife.” CRITIQUE: With the notable exception of Barney’s relationship with Quinn — which, truth be told, we’re still having a hard time investing in thanks to the news that Newton has already signed on to another project for next season — “Now We’re Even” had more than enough memorable moments to warrant us spending an evening ensconced on our couch Ted Mosby style. What’s more, if one were to take a page from Barney’s arbitrary point system for life, we would award 1000 points to Robin for getting a much deserved moment of triumph following an emotional season fraught with disappointment, 500 points to Ted for overcoming the awkwardness following their last face-to-face conversation which had him declaring his love for her by texting Robin to say he was glad she was okay after she single-handedly landed a World Wide News Chopper, and 250 points to Barney for admitting to Ted that the real reason he was so focused on making every night one to remember is that he needed to do anything and everything to keep his mind off what Quinn was doing with other men between the hours of 9PM and 4AM. GRADE: B

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