Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things to Love About THE CLIENT LIST

Okay, I freely admit that Lifetime’s THE CLIENT LIST is trashy. But there’s good trashy (which this is) and bad trashy (like MOB WIVES), or at least that’s how I’m justifying my recent obsession with the Jennifer Love Hewitt vehicle in which she plays Riley, a down-on-her-luck woman who takes a job at a massage parlor which offers “something extra” for those willing to pay. Why do I love it? So glad you asked! 

The accents
Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve long been a sucker for southern accents. Anyone who has ever been drinking with me knows that after a few bourbons, I develop one myself. (Editor’s note: True fact… he does!) 

Riley’s mama
Cybill Shepherd’s Linette is an eight-times-married, God-fearing, tell-it-like-it-is woman who doesn’t know what her daughter’s career involves… but would probably not be all that opposed to hiring herself a hunky man-ho for a rub down.

The gorgeous people
Wanna see women in lingerie? Come on down! Stripped down men? Step right up! This is the rare show that offers equal-opportunity oggling. (You have to love any series which features “sexy spa guy”, played by Daniel Sobieray, in four episodes. Seriously. That’s how he’s listed on IMDB!) 

Loretta Devine
How much do I worship the woman who plays Riley’s boss, Georgia? Enough that years ago, I sat through a two-part episode of TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL because she was in it. That, my friends, is devotion with a capital D.

The stories
Nobody was more surprised than me to find that THE CLIENT LIST is way more than skin deep! Weekly cliffhangers, the mystery of where Riley’s hubby disappeared to, the humor-filled scripts and the wealth of yet-to-be-told tales about the other gals working at the massage parlor. All of this is why the show is currently topping my LIST of guilty pleasures!

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