Morning Static: WEEDS, GLEE, HOUSE & More!

• WEEDS Season 8 Teaser: Happy 4/20!
• Character Studies: April, PARKS AND RECREATION.
• HANNIBAL on NBC: How Bryan Fuller will reinvent Dr. Lecter.
• GLEE Scoop: Perez Hilton to appear alongside Lindsay Lohan on season finale.
• HOUSE Series Finale Shocker: ‘Everybody Dies’
• AMERICA’s NEXT TOP MODEL Shakeup: Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel And J. Alexander Out.
• Trigger-Happy Pilot Season: Recastings On The Rise This Year, Technology To Blame?

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  • Anonymous

    So Tyra’s re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic, eh?  It’s hard to look in the mirror when failure is staring back at you.  She really needs to call up her old (read: creepy-looking) nemesis Janice and ask how to do a cycle with male model wannabes.  I can’t even sit thru one episode of these girly things anymore.  Not ONE.