TV Ratings: Sunday April 22, 2012 (The Fairytale Continues For ONCE UPON A TIME)

VS. = Indicates how show performed versus their previous NEW airing.
Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49 VS.
8PM CBS The Amazing Race 9.11 2.5/7
ABC Once Upon a Time 8.83 2.9/8
NBC Harry’s Law 8.53 0.9/3
FOX FOX’s 25th Anniversary Special 4.31 1.8/5
9PM CBS The Good Wife 10.34 1.8/5
ABC Firelight (Movie) 7.63 1.6/4
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.21 2.0/5
FOX FOX’s 25th Anniversary Special 4.31 1.8/5
10PM ABC Firelight (Movie) 7.63 1.6/4
CBS NYC 22 7.51 1.4/4
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.21 2.0/5

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  • Anonymous

    And TV By The Numbers continues to say Harry’s Law is a “certain cancellation.”  Can’t wait to see egg on their smug faces.

    Once Upon a Time….too good for words.  It’s amazing the dreck that people watch other than this drama, the most compelling, fresh idea since LOST. 

  • As a first season Harry’s Law fan, I can definitely say the second season has been a colossal disappointment in every way. They’ve been too big, too smug. Adam is more annoying. Harry is too angry and vengeful all the time and the new blonde chick’s voice is annoying as hell.

    The only decent actors left in the show are Mark Valley and Christopher MacDonald (spellng?).
    Here’s hoping it’s cancelled. Either way, I’m all but certain to cancel it from my viewing list at the end of this season! :)Cheers,Doug

  • Anonymous

    Gotta say, I didn’t miss an episode of S1, but since NBC moved it from Mon. 10pm, I have not seen a single episode of S2.  Just shows you what a timeslot difference can do to viewership.  Despite all that, NBC is in no position to be cancelling a show that averages an 8-rating.

  • Agreed. Even though it does an embarrassingly low number in the 18-49 demo, I find it hard to believe that NBC will cancel a show that outdraws almost the entirety of its schedule.