TV Bubble Watch 2012: We Irresponsibly Speculate On Which of Your Favorite FOX Shows Will Live to See Another Season

With the Network’s traditional May UpFronts just around the corner, thought now might be as good a time as any to take a closer look at the potential fates of your favorite shows.

You Take the Good: If four seasons of saving FRINGE from the brink of cancelation has taught this TV Addict anything, it’s that one should never discount producing partner Warner Bros. Television when it comes to its ability to talk FOX into giving their wares a second (or fourth) look.
You Take the Bad: It’s going to take an awful lot of convincing for Fox to renew a show that lost half of its audience over the course of its thirteen episode first season.
You Take Them Both and There You Have… Our Prediction: Fan probably shouldn’t hold their breath when it comes to finding out where the remaining of ALCATRAZ’s 302 prisoners disappeared to.

You Take the Good: THE FINDER was an excellent showcase for star Geoff Stults, who is our pick for the next Bradley Cooper-style break-out star thanks to an onscreen persona that simply oozes likability.
You Take the Bad: Would THE FINDER have even got a green light had Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy not bumped BONES off the schedule?
You Take Them Both and There You Have… Our Prediction: Despite our affection for everybody involved in the show both in front and behind the camera, we predict the cast and creative team will very soon be enlisting Walter Sherman’s skills to find themselves new jobs.

You Take the Good: Four seasons of this creatively daring science fiction series is much more than its middling ratings have warranted.
You Take the Bad: Nielsen doesn’t count viewers across multiple universes.
You Take Them Both and There You Have… Our Prediction: Based on the recent revelation that the show has shot two endings should the unthinkable happen, we have a sneaking suspicion that FRINGE’s fortunes have all but run out.

You Take the Good: Kiefer Sutherland attached to any project is a license for Fox to print money.
You Take the Bad: TOUCH’s retention of its AMERICAN IDOL lead-in was not.
You Take Them Both and There You Have… Our Prediction: The only thing more assured than a second season for this heavily promote series is a move to Monday nights come January 2013.

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