Buzzing About… COUGAR TOWN

Miss last night’s episode? Here’s what you need to know about COUGAR TOWN’s “Money Becomes King”

AIRDATE: 4/24/12 WRITER: Ryan Koh DIRECTOR: Michael McDonald SYNOPSIS: When Jules and Grayson discover that they have some seriously grown-up decisions to make when it comes to the possible merging of their personal finances, Laurie — with an assist from Travis — realizes that she too has some growing up to do to with regards to her surprisingly successful Krazy Kakes business. NOTABLE QUOTABLE: The always biting Ellie had this to say on the topic of Laurie’s choice of lipstick, “That’s a pretty shade. Is that so people on the moon know you’re tacky?” LESSON LEARNED: Before settling on her current mantra (“Nothing ever works out unless you are in 100 percent”), Laurie’s life philosophies were aplenty, including “Don’t get hammered at brunch” and “You gotta shake it til you make it.” The latter of course only applying to dance-offs or cocktails. Also, Bobby has quite literally never read a book! CRITIQUE: Aside from taking Andy and Bobby’s bromance to an entirely new level thanks to a self-generating water bottle, last night’s episode perfectly incapsulates what we love about COUGAR TOWN co-creator Bill Lawrence’s brand of comedy. Case in point, “Money Becomes King,” not only managed to turn relatable and somewhat serious subjects such as personal finances and professional growth into fodder for funny, it afforded Busy Philipps’ Laurie with a much-deserved twenty-two minutes to shine. With big bonus points for the always welcome return of SCRUBS alum Nicole Sullivan as Jules’ always-on-call therapist Lynn. GRADE: B+

COUGAR TOWN airs Tuesdays at 8:30PM on ABC (CityTV in Canada)

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