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REVENGE "Justice"

Miss last night’s episode? Here’s what you need to know about REVENGE’s “Justice”

AIRDATE: 4/25/12 WRITERS: Liz Tigelaar and Sallie Patrick DIRECTOR: Bobby Roth SYNOPSIS: With all signs pointing to Daniel’s imminent conviction for the murder of Tyler Barrol, the Graysons take drastic measures. Which is to say, Victoria’s scheming goes into overdrive, Charlotte attempts to manipulate Declan into reversing his testimony, and Conrad enlists the help of a very old and dangerous friend. Meanwhile Emily and Nolan plot to find a way to keep Jack from taking the fall for Tyler’s murder continues. INTRODUCED: CGI snow into the Hamptons in an effort to signify the show’s jump forward in time to mid-December. NOTABLE QUOTABLE: “How do you prepare to tell 12 strangers that you’re in love with me when I’m not even sure myself?” was Daniel’s not-so-subtle way of letting Emily know he’s not sure where she stands. LESSON LEARNED: From party planning to public relations, Ashley Davenport gives new meaning to the phrase “Jill of all trades!” CRITIQUE: Just when we were ready to write off last night’s episode thanks to a severe lack of snappy one-liners, a little too much screen time for the snooze-inducing Porter brothers, not to mention the ever-so-painful-to-watch relationship between Victoria and her former artist flame, “Justice” dropped the type of bombshell that more than makes up for our disappointment surrounding yet another episode culminating with an all-too-easy win for the Grayson puppet-masters. More specifically speaking, Emily’s realization that Conrad Grayson wasn’t just responsible for David Clarke’s wrongful conviction but his death in prison as well! Suffice it to say, we’re already counting down the hours until next week’s episode. GRADE: B

REVENGE airs Wednesdays at 10PM on ABC (CityTV in Canada)

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