Good News: Enrico Colantoni’s schedule just opened up for a return to PERSON OF INTEREST earlier than expected. Bad News: With today’s news that saw CTV announce that the upcoming fifth season will be FLASHPOINT’s last. [Source]

Good News: Netflix has expressed interest in reviving yet another canceled fan favorite. Bad News: Is anyone outside of Skeet Ulrich’s agent seriously itching for the return of JERICHO? [Source]

Good News: ABC has announced plans to take on the likes of CBS’ good-for-nothing BIG BROTHER this summer. Bad News: With a virtual carbon copy of the hit CBS reality skein called THE GLASS HOUSE. D’oh! [Source]

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  • Anonymous

    Seriously?  You question the rabid fanhood of Jericho!  I pray that Netflix can pull this off!  That’s the only way you could get me to subscribe.

  • Anonymous

    I’d watch Jericho! I liked that show. I really wish Netflix would take a look at doing something with Veronica Mars, even just the long rumoured movie. I mean, Kristen Bell has done fairly well since the show, so that would be a plus for them too.