Smartest Move: Just how much leeway are we willing to give TBS for picking up COUGAR TOWN for one more season with a potential for two? So much so that we’re completely okay if the network wants to re-name the show TYLER PERRY PRESENTS: COUGAR TOWN.

Favorite Season Finale [Thus Far]: Thursday’s season finale of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was LOST third season finale good. Note to The CW: Whatever showrunner Julie Plec is getting paid, well, it’s not enough.

Most Romantic Gesture Ever: Ben’s admission to Leslie during Thursday’s PARKS AND RECREATION season finale that he didn’t even bother writing a concession speech may in fact have solidified their status as cutest couple ever. Wait check that, it’s official: Cutest couple ever.

Most Romantic Gesture Ever [Runner-Up]: Bringing sexy back as only it can, Thursday’s BIG BANG THEORY season ender culminated with a truly heartfelt note as Bernadette/Raj, Penny/Leonard, and even Sheldon/Amy held hands as Wolowtiz’s shuttle boldly went…

Most Tense Game: Forget the annual “Who will live or die?” scenario laid out in season finales. The real suspense comes in wondering which shows will live or die!
Coolest Marathon: On May 19th, Logo — the network that desperately wants to be known as more than just the Rupaul channel — will count down Joss Whedon’s 10 favorite BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER episodes. Get out your calendars and put a pin in that date… or maybe a stake.
Biggest Snub: Beloved soap ONE LIFE TO LIVE — which went off the air in January — didn’t receive an Emmy nod for best writing or best show. (Technically, it could still be nominated next year, but having aired during less than two weeks of the nomination period, that seems about as likely as the show’s fans managing to resurrect it.)
Funnest Roadtrip: MODERN FAMILY took us all on an early summer vacation with their journey to Disneyland. And we didn’t even have to stand in line!
Random Musing: Now that it’s no longer technically “new,” should Fox really be allowed to continue to call their Zooey Deschanel starrer NEW GIRL? Discuss.

Biggest Shocker: What’s the only thing more shocking than last night’s shocking use of scissors on SCANDAL? How about that the Shonda Rhimes sudser has quietly become far more salacious and sexy than ABC’s increasingly dour REVENGE.

Best Political Drama, Scripted Division: The season finale of Hulu’s BATTLEGROUND managed to wrap its story up perfectly… and set the ball in motion for a season two that they damn well better deliver on!
Lamest Casting, Daytime Division: Brett Butler (best known for GRACE UNDER FIRE) “landed” a role as “Beth the neighbor” on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. Fan reaction? “Hey, why doesn’t the show try and ‘land’ a house on psycho Daisy!”
Most Hypocritical Stance: “It would’ve been nice if the president would’ve been an actual leader and helped shape [his daughters’] thoughts instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of GLEE.” So said Britol Palin… you know, the unwed teen mom whose real-life tale might be mistaken for that of GLEE’s Quinn.
Another Reason Not To Watch THE BACHELOR: Even as ABC renewed the increasingly pointless show, host Chris Harrison disappointed many by saying he wouldn’t step into the titular role.
Least Necessary Announcement: Fox revealing that they’d canceled I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER and BREAKING IN was greeted by a gigantic “duh.” 

Silliest Lawsuit: CBS is trying to derail ABC’s BIG BROTHER-like show, THE GLASS HOUSE. Um, CBS? People in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones. I mean, it’s not like CUPID was anything but a lame attempt to mimic THE BACHELOR.
Best Reason To Go Back To School: In a somewhat surprising move, NBC renewed critical darling COMMUNITY. In other words, class un-dismissed!
Biggest Irony: Having used the REAL HOUSEWIVES of everywhere to make both Bravo and himself into household names, network exec Andy Cohen reportedly wants to “distance” himself from the women who made him famous so he can be taken “more seriously” as a talk-show host. Um… has he seen his show?

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    Oh, Tv Addict you continue to disappoint me…. How is Revenge dour?