Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with SUBURGATORY Star Parker Young

Between recently being on the receiving end of a much-deserved second season pick-up, to tonight’s Mother’s Day themed episode, everything really is coming up roses for SUBURGATORY star Parker Young. Which is probably why the affable actor, better known around these parts as Ryan “The Body” Shay, was only too happy to take some time out of his busy schedule to chat up tonight’s season finale appropriately titled “The Motherload,” in addition to what surprises are in store for his small screen family as a result of sister Lisa’s (Allie Grant) snooping. See for yourself, after the jump.

According to tonight’s episode description, your small screen sister makes a starling discovery. Spill!
Parker Young: [Laughs] As you know, Lisa has been taking blood samples and really wants to get to the bottom of whether or not she’s adopted. What she’ll find in tonight’s season finale isn’t just surprising, but shocking. True, she was expecting to find something, I mean, if you look hard enough you’re going to find something. But she digs up some family secrets that are going to kind of be very interesting to explore during SUBURGATORY’s second season.

How does your character Ryan react to what Lisa discovers?
We actually end the episode on her stumbling across the information, so she’s the only person who knows. Her along with the viewers. So we’re not going to see how Ryan responds, or how she even responds. We’re not going to discover anything until the second season.

Speaking of that second season, now that it has been made official, is there anything you’d like to see for your character in particular come season two?
I think I like the direction that has seen him grow from just a dumb jock, “the body,” to kind of growing with George, learning some things and becoming more of a man. Also, he really cares for Tessa (Jane Levy) and I’d love to continue to explore his relationship with her and his personal development in order to be a better guy. In Chatswin he’s been so sheltered, and I would love for him to explore outside of Chatswin and broaden his perspective. There’s got to be more to life than just tanning salons!

SUBURGATORY has such an amazing ensemble, is there any character you’d like to spend more time with next season?
That’s a good question. I haven’t spent any time with Alan’s [Tudyk] character and Cheryl’s [Hines] character so I’d like to explore that relationship and then Jeremy’s [Sisto] character. I love how George and Tessa have opened Ryan’s eyes to different possibilities outside of Chatswin, which I’m excited to explore next season.

As an actor with very few credits prior to SUBURGATORY, what has been your reaction to this roller-coaster ride of year you’ve had?
The whole process has been so surreal. From auditioning and not knowing what would come of this project to booking the pilot, to seeing the show picked up on the same night as MODERN FAMILY, and it just continues. It’s been such a blessing in my life and I’m just so honored to be apart of this cast.

SUBURGATORY airs Wednesdays at 8:30PM on ABC (CityTV in Canada).

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