On TV Tonight: Thursday May 17, 2012

NET 8PM 8:30PM 9PM 9:30PM 10PM 10:30PM
ABC Missing Grey’s Anatomy Scandal
CBS The Big Bang Theory ® Rules of Engagement Person of Interest The Mentalist
CW Perez Hilton All Access: Katy Perry The Vampire Diaries (R)
FOX American Idol Touch
NBC Community 30 Rock Community Community Awake
MISC Kathy (Bravo)
Punk’d (MTV)

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  • Three episodes of Community tonight? Is this true? Pinch me.

  • Anonymous

     I’m a TV guy, love comedy…and actually watched a bit of the 8pm episode waiting for 30 Rock.  For the life of me, I cannot find a single laugh in Community.  I must be missing something very important.

    I’m happy for all you fans who got another season, but the couple times I’ve tried to watch this show, it’s completely humorless.  Weird.

  • It was hit or miss with me the few episodes I watched in season one, but then I caught the paintball episode and “got it”. Once you lock into the characters you can really appreciate the crazy that happens every week. It is like constantly being a few levels deep in Inception. You need to hit a good entry point.

    I appreciate how they can do genre and geek that has an actual fondness to it. People always praise Big Bang Theory for that, but to me that show is still from the outside POV and catering to norms. Especially since their jokes are stale and feel written by someone remembering their nerdy roommate from 1994. Community actually keeps up with current fandom. 

    Finally, its nice to see a little diversity on tv, women being geeky, and otherwise changing up expected roles. Everyone has their story and time to shine each season. Love it.