Morning Static: COMMUNITY, HOUSE, NIKITA & More!

• Showrunner Shuffle: Dan Harmon is no longer Showrunner on COMMUNITY.
• HOUSE Comes to an End: Producers and Cast recall creating a curmudgeon.
• Upfront Post-mortem: Best and worst decisions of the 2012 upfronts.
• SONS OF ANARCHY Scoop: LOST’s Harold Perrineau joins cast as Big Bad Damon Pope.
• NIKITA Shocker! Boss Craig Silverstein reveals why [Spoiler] had to [Spoiler] — and what’s next!

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  • Anonymous

    No matter who was right or wrong in the Chevy Chase fiasco, you don’t publicly air dirty laundry about one of your cast members, particularly in such a vulgar, Charlie Sheen-type manner.  It’s all about money for NBC, and Community is already shaky in the ratings.  To dismiss Chevy would’ve turned some viewers off, so it was easier to can the man behind the scenes, even if the show is “his voice.” 

    That said, Chevy is somewhat legendary at NBC, and it’s not really wise to embarrass him the way Dan tried to.