REVENGE Spoiler Alert: Help Cast Emily’s You-Know-Who!

The second REVENGE’s Nolan revealed to Emily that her supposedly-dead mom was alive, our brains went into overdrive. Who should play the Clarke family’s missing link? We came up with a few suggestions… give us yours in the comment section!

Felicity Huffman
The formerly desperate housewife looks like she and James Tupper (who plays Amanda’s dad in flashbacks) could totally be the gene pool from which our vengeance-seeking heroine emerged. And after years of playing Lynette, Huffman would no doubt relish the opportunity to sink her teeth into a role that allowed her to play something more glamorous than a suburban mom! Er, not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Cynthia Watros
Long before she became one of LOST’s tailies or TITUS’ good-hearted girlfriend, Watros tore up the daytime screen as GUIDING LIGHT’s nutty nurse Annie Dutton, taking home a Lead Actress Emmy for her work on the soap. Anybody who remembers the classic rivalry between Annie and Reva will probably shiver with delight at the notion of Watros going head-to-head with Madeline Stowe’s Victoria.

Heather Locklear
While we first feared throwing the MELROSE PLACE vixen into the mix for fear of the camp factor she might bring, that notion was quickly discarded given that the show already regularly veers into that category thanks to ice princess Victoria.

Portia de Rossi
Suspecting as we do that Amanda’s mom will wind up being connected to (if not the head of) the mysterious Initiative (ala ALIAS), we couldn’t help picturing de Rossi’s BETTER OFF TED alter ego, who rocked a power suit while ruling with an iron fist.

Megan Ward
As GENERAL HOSPITAL’s prickly publisher Kate Howard, she dodged a mysterious past and more than a few bullets… well, except the one that brought her wedding to a screeching halt. The show eventually recast the role, but how fitting would it be if she got the ultimate revenge  by making the leap from daytime soap to primetime sudser?

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  • How about Shelly Long or even Mary Gross (yeah, that’s a stretch but would be interesting to see her reinvent herself and not play that timid comedic character from her 80s movies!)

  • Anonymous

    Felicity?  Looks more like a man than a mom of the beautiful EVC. 

    I like Kyle’s idea:  Shelly Long.  Comedic actresses are very often surprisingly great in dramatic roles.  

  • hmm how about Eileen Davidson from The Young and the Restless

  • hmm how about Eileen Davidson from The Young and the Restless

  • Jason Mittell

    Only one choice: Lena Olin as a major Alias call-back!

  • Suppose we have already seen her this season?  I’m prepared for anything now.  LOL

  • syreeta

    Portia would bring the wicked fierceness needed for Miss Clarke

  • What I would give to see Lena Olin return to TV!

  • Lady L

    Megan Ward came to my mind as soon as I heard Emily needs a mother in next season. Megan is talented with many years of experience in primetime shows playing various roles. Her class and beauty also makes her perfect for the role. Bring her on:)

  • Becca Martini

    I would love to see  Megan Ward play as Emily’s mother in Revenge.

  • Filip

    Elizabeth Mitchell is perfect for the role!

  • Megan Ward has great range, so I would love to see her as Emily’s mother.  She was perfect for the role of Kate Howard on General Hospital and would be perfect for this role as well.