Virtual Watercooler: REVENGE

Like many of you, we hear at start our morning at the water cooler, talking about last night’s television. The only difference? When contributor Richard M. Simms and I talk, we’re in not only different rooms but different countries. Wanna eavesdrop on our Instant Message chatter from this morning? Here ya go:

Richard: Did you watch REVENGE?
The TV Addict: How dare you question my addiction to television! Of course I watched REVENGE!
Richard: So what did you think?
The TV Addict: Fantastic finale with the exception of two teensy little details.
Richard: Care to elaborate?
The TV Addict: Would I ever! My biggest disappointment was as a recovering ALIAS addict, I had the episode’s final reveal pegged from a mile away.
Richard: Completely disagree because the OBVIOUS cliffhanger and where I’ve thought they were going for months was the revelation was that her father is alive… [Spoiler Alert!] not her mother!
The TV Addict: Oddly enough that never occurred to me, primarily because that would negate the entire point of the show and much of the first season.
Richard: Exactly! Emily’s father being alive would have been huge. It would have meant that she’s been doing everything for nothing and would have pitted her against her father next season.
The TV Addict: Instead, it would appear that next season, she’ll be pitted against her mother, who I’m going to go out on a limb and say is behind this mysterious new organization the show has introduced. Which brings me to my second issue with the finale. [Pause for dramatic effect] “The Initiative.”
Richard: I hate The Initiative. I want good, soapy drama, not some big faceless mysterious corporation. From the very first time The Initiative was mentioned, I was annoyed.
The TV Addict: I concur. When television shows get too bogged down with their big mysterious McGuffin (See: NIKITA’s Gogol, CHUCK’s Fulcrum, ALIAS’ Alliance of Twelve) I tend to lose interest. But back to the positives, that plane crash, Charlotte’s suicide, talk about a bloodbath!
Richard: It was good, but I’d have tweaked it a little. I’d have had Conrad watching the newscast and finding out that at the last minute, Charlotte had gotten on the plane with her mother. Let us see his reaction to that. Or even reveal that Daniel had gotten on the plane. Not only would Conrad have realized his only child might be dead, but they could have revealed that in the end, Daniel chose to betray his father and side with his mother.
The TV Addict: Please. Like they would kill Daniel, have you heard Josh Bowman’s real-life British accent?
Richard: Well, they’re not going to kill Victoria, either. But it makes for good drama. And heck, they could kill Charlotte or Daniel. Assuming, of course, that the whole plane crash wasn’t just a decoy. Maybe the government actually snuck Lydia and Victoria onto a different plane at the last minute.
The TV Addict: Somebody has been watching a little too much daytime TV! What did you think about Emily’s decision to not pull a Dexter and let the mysterious white-haired man live?
Richard: I think the writers realized that they had to be very careful where that was concerned. Once you have your heroine kill, it’s tough to go back from.
The TV Addict: It would appear there is one thing Emily won’t do for revenge.
Richard: Which is, in a way, chickening out, but Emily isn’t an anti-heroine, she’s our heroine. Who would you cast as Emily’s mom?
The TV Addict: In keeping with Madeleine Stowe movie turned TV career, the first person that crossed my mind was Sharon Stone.
Richard: Dude, she’s, like, 60.
The TV Addict: Considering this show just had a dog live until 17 (RIP: Sammy), I’m not sure realism is much of a factor when it comes to age. We should do a Top 5 offering suggestions of who should play the mom.
Richard: On it!

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  • Anonymous

    Melanie Griffith?  Another trainwreck…could be entertaining.  Still want to see Joan Collins as Conrad’s mother…or in any other role.  And I still hold out hope that David Clarke is alive somewhere.

    I’m with you on The Initiative.  These big conspiracies confuse the audience more than intrigue them.  That’s why great shows like Alias lost so much audience…they have a hard time following the plot.

  • Not sure I buy her as Emily’s mom but, FWIW, Sharon Stone isn’t that old…she’s only a year older than Madeline Stowe, in fact.