For Canadian Eyes Only: Rachel Nichols Talks CONTINUUM

Having burst onto Hollywood’s radar with an attention grabbing final season stint on ALIAS, it’s safe to say that actress Rachel Nichols knows a thing or two about kicking-butt. Which will certainly come in handy in her latest project that sees the affable actress fighting for humanity’s future in CONTINUUM.

Premiering tonight on Showcase in Canada, CONTINUUM follows Kiera Cameron (Nichols), a regular cop from 65 years in the future who finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver. Where Nichols butt-kicking skills will be called upon is that the key to her character’s return ticket home lies in the hands of a group of ruthless terrorists who travelled back in time alongside her in an effort to alter the course of the future forever. recently had the opportunity to catch up with Nichols to find out what attracted her to the project, some of the challenges that lie ahead for her character and what lessons, if any, did she really take away from her year spent fighting side by side with ALIAS’ Jennifer Garner. See for yourself after the jump.

CONTINUUM premieres on Sunday May 27th at 9PM on Showcase in Canada.

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  • David O’Neill

    I’m guessing Syfy will eventually pick this up (which means ending my embargo on this ridiculous cable net). My friend Richard Harmon (THE KILLING, JUDAS KISS) also stars in this show. 

  • I thought the first episode was pretty good. It has all the right elements going for it. Well, it could use more robots considering how Terminator themed it is, but that’s a personal preference.