Separated at Birth: American and Canadian TV Audiences!

As Canada prepares to kick off its annual UpFront week in the heart of downtown Toronto today, Networks north of the 49th parallel (Namely, CTV, Shaw and CityTV) spent the better part of yesterday afternoon inundating our inbox with press releases touting their network’s dominance. Yet rather than bore you with the meaningless numbers — after-all, we believe one of the great thinkers of our time put it best when he* stated, “People can come up with statistics to prove anything.14% of people know that,” we thought readers on both side of the border might get a little bit more out of a comparison: Are American and Canadian viewing habits really as different as our taste in french fry toppings might suggest? The surprising, and somewhat depressing answer can be found in our side-by-side comparison charting the Top 20 shows (in total viewers) of this past broadcast season, after the jump.

America’s Top 20 Viewers Canada’s Top 20 Viewers
Sunday Night Football 20.74 The Big Bang Theory 3.63
American Idol 19.81 The Amazing Race 2.62
NCIS 19.49 Survivor 2.57
American Idol Results 18.33 Grey’s Anatomy 2.46
Dancing with the Stars 18.23 CSI 2.36
DWTS Results 16.08 NCIS 2.20
NCIS: Los Angeles 16.01 The Mentalist 2.17
The Big Bang Theory 15.82 American Idol 2.16
The Voice 15.76 Hockey Night in Canada 2.07
Sunday NFL Pre-Game 15.74 NCIS: Los Angeles 2.03
Two and a Half Men 14.63 Dancing with the Stars 1.99
The Mentalist 14.33 Missing 1.95
Person of Interest 14.33 Castle 1.91
The O.T. 13.31 House 1.90
Criminal Minds 13.19 Hawaii Five-0 1.89
60 Minutes 13.02 The X Factor 1.86
Modern Family 12.93 DWTS Results 1.85
Survivor 12.77 Glee 1.84
The X Factor 12.66 Blue Bloods 1.76
The X Factor Results 12.57 Hometeam Hockey 1.73

[Photo Credit: CTV Photos]
Editor’s Note: “He” being Homer J. Simpson

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  • Anonymous

    Hilarious how American dimwits are suckered into watching a bloated infomercial “Idol Results” show, thus consuming two full nights of TV.  Canada appears to be much smarter in that regard.  Someone should really tell the U.S. that the results are immediately known online, and two extra hours of viewing are not required, Coke and Ford notwithstanding.

  • True, but it’s also equally sad that while American audiences watch a lot of American TV, except for the hockey shows  Canadian audiences are also mostly watching American TV. 

  • Canadians have way better taste–or a ratings measurement system that works!