ONCE UPON A TIME Star Lana Parrilla Makes The TV Addict An Offer We Couldn’t Refuse!

As regular visitor to theTVaddict.com can attest, the number of times we’ve shamelessly shared our celebrity photo ops has decreased dramatically over the years. (See: Here, here and here). And while we’d like to pretend that decision had a little something to do with keeping a professional distance from the industry we cover, it really boiled down the sad realization that it’s hard to not look like the “ugly duckling” when standing next to a genetically blessed make-up enhanced celebrity! That said, professional ethics and vanity pretty much went out the window this week when we were afforded the opportunity to sidle up next to the only Mayor who gives Toronto’s Rob Ford a good name*. Needless to say, ONCE UPON A TIME’s Lana Parrilla wasn’t just delightful**, but a good sport when it came to playing along with the little prop we just so happened to have conjured up!

* That reference is hilarious if you live in Canada.
** Hey Emmy Voters, that whole “Evil Queen” thing really is an act. How about keeping that in mind come nomination time!

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  • Nick

    Okay, dude, I’m envious.  Lana is not only the most compelling dramatic actress on TV right now, she also really, really hot.  🙂