Summer TV Preview: SUITS Season 2

“I thought it was great because there’s only so long you can do that tap dance of, you know, when is someone going to find out,” was how SUITS executive producer Gene Klein characterized the hit USA Network show’s surprising first season finale that saw friend Trevor let the proverbial cat out of the bag. Of course, one person who isn’t nearly as excited to discover that Mike Ross (Patrick Adams) isn’t the fine, upstanding, accredited lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) purported him to be is Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres). “This law firm of Pearson Hardman is her baby, her name is on the letterhead, her name is on the door,” explained Torres during a recent visit to the set of SUITS in Toronto. “It’s a direct reflection of her and she’s angry that they put the firm in jeopardy.” Fortunately, for both Mike Ross and Harvey Spector, when SUITS does return for its much-anticipated second season on Thursday July 14th at 10PM on USA Network (Mondays at 9PM on Bravo in Canada), she’ll have far bigger fish to fry in the form of partner Daniel Hardman, who returns to the firm after mysteriously disappearing five years earlier. Teased star Patrick Adams, “Hardman is a very smart, shrewd, incredible lawyer, who can, if given the opportunity, blow us all up and take over everything so Jessica is going to kind of let me stick around because she needs our help to keep the firm safe from Hardman.” In other words, fans of SUITS should buckle up for one helluva exciting season.

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