Summer TV Preview: BUNHEADS

Strippers! Showgirls! And Broadway mainstay Sutton Foster! Evidently ABC Family wasn’t kidding around when they branded their Network as a different kind of family. How else to explain tonight’s much-anticipated premiere of BUNHEADS that sees Foster play Michelle, a Vegas showgirl who is whisked away from her not-so-ideallic life in the chorus by a persistent suitor (Alan Ruck) to teach ballet alongside his overbearing mother (Kelly Bishop) in a small town. Of course, where things get really interesting is that the aforementioned non-descript coastal town just so happens to be populated with a collection of very colourful characters. Silly us, did we neglect to mention that BUNHEADS is from the brains of no less than the small screen’s authority on quirky small towns that is GILMORE GIRLS creator Amy Sherman-Palladino? “I think Amy has a very specific voice unlike anything else on television,” said star Sutton Foster in a recent interview to promote the show. “You have a whole new set of characters, a whole new town, a whole new base, but you’ve got the rapid-fire dialogue and that wit and the humor that GILMORE had. So it’s exciting to hear Amy’s writing again on television and I think GILMORE fans are going to love it.”

BUNHEADS airs Mondays at 9PM on ABC Family (ABC Spark in Canada)

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  • Nick

    Can anyone believe it’s taken six years to get Kelly Bishop back on TV.  Just shows how out of touch network casting execs are. 

  • Going to check this one out. There is still a Gilmore shaped hole in my tv lineup.