Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Second Season SUITS Scooplets From Star Gina Torres

Still reeling from SUITS’ fantastic first season finale that saw “friend” Trevor let the cat out of the bag in terms of Mike Ross (Patrick James) lack of legal credentials? Well, imagine how Jessica Pearson (Ginna Torres), of Pearson Hardman felt? We did! Which is precisely why we accepted an invitation to visit the Toronto-based set of SUITS in an effort to get to the bottom of things. What follows are a handful of second season scooplets from fan favorite Gina Torres (FIREFLY, ALIAS), who was only too happy to take a break from shooting to tease how her character will react to learning that Harvey Spector and Mike Ross put her professional life on the line, the after-math that is the wrath of Jessica, and what other surprises and challenges are in store for the character when the hit USA series kicks off its second season on June 14th. See for yourself, after the jump.
Jessica’s Reaction to Mike’s Secret
GINA: I’m of the opinion that she’s angry that [Mike and Harvey] put the firm in jeopardy.  I mean this is her life’s work.  This is her baby.  All that we know of Jessica is that she’s very driven and that she dedicated herself to this firm.  Her name is on the letterhead, is on the door and so it is a direct reflection of her.  And this, coming from somebody that she trusts, is a big blow.
On Hardman’s Return
GINA:  We do we get to see a different part of Jessica we did get to see her shaken up a little bit.  There’s a white-hot spotlight on her at the moment and there’s a lot going on.  So we’ll see. Everything that we come to learn about Hardman’s disappearance and his return is very layered.  It’s all very layered and it’s another aspect to these characters that we haven’t yet seen.  I mean I like to think of Jessica in the first season is being large, in charge, in control and kind of happy-go-lucky.  This is her domain. She just struts down this hallway and invulnerable.  Now we see we start to see the little chinks in the armor and the scars. Any person who gets to that office has some battle scars and has some bodies buried in places.  It would be ridiculous not to think so.  Hardman’s reappearance I think speaks to the battles along the way.
Jessica & Harvey’s Relationship
GINA:  [Harvey and Jessica’s relationship] was established when we shot the very first episode. She laid out everything she did for him to get in to that point.  It’s based on this very long intimate relationship between coworkers.  How the cart gets upset in the beginning of the second season, it’s a the ripple effect of that and the ripple effect of insight of our relationship with Jessica’s relationship to Harvey I think it’s something to watch for.
Revealing Jessica’s Layers
GINA: I think like any good television series that’s written well there’s a slow reveal.  Once we understand that we hooked you, we don’t want to give it all away. You do see evidence of that I think with everybody on the show this season.  There’s another layer that is revealed to Jessica.  You see a little bit more of her interior life and so you can only hope that more of that is exposed as the season goes on.

Jessica’s Trust
GINA:  They’re going to have their dance.  They’re going to have their problems, absolutely. 
To see more of Jessica’s reaction to Mike and Harvey’s clever little game and how it has put their firm in the cross-hairs of returning partner Daniel Hardman, be sure to tune-in for the 2nd season premiere of SUITS on Thursday, June 14th at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network (Monday June 18th at 9PM on Bravo in Canada)

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