Mother Knows Best! An Original Series Fan’s Take on TNT’s DALLAS Reboot

We all know that when it comes to… well, basically, everything, mother knows best. So when looking for an opinion as to how last night’s premiere of TNT’s updated DALLAS stacked up to the original, who better to ask than a mom who loved the primetime sudser? Coincidentally, it turns out that the TV Addict’s very own parental unit was one of those mom’s! So without further ado, here’s her take on last night’s episode!

The TV Addict: Before we get to watching the actual episode, I first wanted to paint a picture for our readers. Do you remember the size of the television you had to watch the original DALLAS on?
Mom: [Laughs] It wasn’t anything like the one in front of us [Editor’s Note: This interview is being conducted in front of a 50″ flatscreen]
The TV Addict: If I recall correctly, it was a small, beige, square television that couldn’t have been more than 15 inches in diameter.
Mom: In my bedroom.
The TV Addict: Yes! In fact I’m fairly certain I can trace my addiction to television back to being put to bed just in time for you to turn on that iconic theme song. Da-da-da…

The TV Addict: What was it about the original DALLAS that you liked about it so much?
Mom: It was just so much fun. You never knew what that Larry Hagman would do next. J.R. was such a bad boy.
The TV Addict: Was he your favorite character?
Mom: No, I loved Bobby Ewing. Patrick Duffy.
The TV Addict: Are you prepared for what Patrick Duffy might look like now?
Mom: I’m probably going to be very upset.

[Editor’s Note: The second portion of this interview picks up after we screened the episode.]

The TV Addict: What did you think?
Mom: It wasn’t riveting. Perhaps it’s because it has been so long since I was into it, but it’s just like the old series. The Ewing brothers still hate each other, except this time the younger generation is involved.

The TV Addict: But will you keep watching?
Mom: Probably. I thought Larry Hagman was really good. I mean he came off as this old-demented guy… until he didn’t. Even though he looked so much older, he still had that evil J.R. twinkle in his eye. I loved that he came alive right when he got to do something really bad and stick it to someone.

The TV Addict: Was it jarring how much the characters have aged?
Mom: Of course, because as old as they look it means I look just as old!

The TV Addict: What’s the status of your crush on Patrick Duffy?
Mom: He still looks pretty darn good for an older guy. He’s aged very nicely, Larry Hagman not so much.

DALLAS airs Wednesdays at 9PM on TNT (Bravo in Canada)

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  • debv

    This mom, and admitted addict of the original show did not find the age of the original actors an issue at all… I LOVED that the writers were loyal to, and sometimes even paid subtle homage to the original – for instance, Christopher saying “I’m dam sure gonna try”, as he sped off to try and stop his father from selling the land. Seriously, if I had a nickle for every time Bobby said that in the original…LOVED JR & Sue Ellen.  The younger actors should take note – Listen and learn. Some areas were a little too predictable, and a little “meh”…but overall, this has the potential to be awesomely bad, and I can’t wait for next week.  Still grinning about the theme song, and the look in JRs eyes when he met the real Marta…