Blogger Beat Down: Entertainment Weekly Goes David Boreanaz Daily

The subject of this week’s ‘Blogger Beat Down’ are… the editors at responsible for allowing their “Inside TV” blog to get caught up in the tizzy surrounding David Boreanaz’s recent flurry of tweets (Captured above).

Our Take: While we can appreciate the need to generate headlines (and the subsequent page viewers that follow) during the quiet period that traditionally falls between May Sweeps and July’s San Diego Comic Con, the “Inside TV” blog’s attempt to turn Boreanaz’s tweets into a legitimate news story is almost as embarrassing as this week’s umpteenth Twilight cover. Seriously. As the actor heads into his eighth and final contractually obligated season on BONES, knows full well that Boreanaz’s carefully orchestrated tweet or two is nothing more than his opening salvo in what will surely be a very interesting contract negotiation to secure his services for a ninth and possibly tenth season of the hit Fox series. In other words, if is that concerned with attracting traffic to their site, they should rely on pointless “For Your Consideration” puff pieces stroking Emmy-hopeful actors, writers and producers like the rest of the online entertainment world.

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  • Anonymous

    THANK you.  First off, Boreanaz is a major tool.  Second, good luck on that “fair well tour,” Angel.  And good luck finding steady employment after Bones. 

    EW, all we can really say to you is….WTF?

  • OH don’t worry about Boreanaz career. He’s done quite well so far. If you don’t like him, fair enough. But I do not understand why you feel the need to offend him. Sad, very sad…..

  • Anonymous

     I totally agree, I am looking forward to many more years of Boreanaz, whether it be in Bones or another project.

  • Anonymous

    Just sayin’, honey, that he didn’t want anything to do with Buffy/Angel or their fandom (rudely refused to even answer a question about them, until it was beneficial to his career)…he carried on lord-knows-how-many affairs while married…and now he cavalierly tweets that he’s in his “fair well” (he missed spelling class that day) season, disregarding what anyone else on Bones might feel about it. 

    So no, Petra, Boreanaz is not a good guy, and I doubt producers will be “lining up” to work with his wooden acting.

  • Anonymous

    Get over yourself and your irrational hate, Common_Sense_Reality (or should I say Gina? or Jen? or Bug?). Stating random hateful things cannot deny the FACTS: Boreanaz is a television star who never had a failed show in 15 CONSECUTIVE years! It’s a FACT and a success that none of his co-stars, past or present, ever accomplished. He will find a steady job after “Bones” just like he found a steady job as the lead of “Angel” after leaving “Buffy” and just like he found a steady job co-starring in “Bones” one year after the end of  “Angel”. It’s a proven FACT he has a fanbase of millions of Nielsen viewers who followed him from one show to the second to the third. FACT: television executives make business decisions and hiring an actor who never failed in bringing Nielsen viewers with him for what will be 16 SEASONS next year IS the best business decision.Of all the cast of “Bones”, Boreanaz IS the most likely to have a long successful carrier in television.
    And BTW, how did he “disregard what anyone else on Bones might feel”??? He only stated on Twitter that season 8 COULD POSSIBLY be the last (which is true; it could) and that next year he will be free of contract (which is a FACT and it’s his right to decide whatever he wants for his carrier). The “fans” and the press made a huge deal out of it on purpose, blowing it out of proportion, which is one of the things Hart Hanson stated – and that is also a FACT.

  • Haters gonna hate. Unfortunately the often get the chance to spread their hate out loud before fans can show some love. I dont care about these haters and their opinions anymore. So as huge Boreanaz/Bones fan I just want to say thanks to EW for this report, it made my day. 

  • Jules

    It is interesting, isn’t it, how someone who clearly is not a David Boreanaz fan, closely follows him and everything he does and says, just to bash him publicly.  .. this wasnt even about David, its about the ridiculous article that tried to turn his tweets into a legit story …  At least David engages his fans, he doesnt just drop an occasional tweet to promote himself or his causes.  He shares pieces of his life with his fans.  So go fawn over your “flawless” crush…. cos you know.. she’s so interesting.