Emmy Nominations Made Easy: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

With the June 28th deadline to return Emmy nominee ballots fast approaching, many of your favorite television web sites have begun to make their case for a handful of worthy 2012 nominees. Not to be outdone, we here at theTVaddict.com have decided — as we are wont to do — to take things one step further. Which is to say, in a completely altruistic effort to simplify things for the voting body that is the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, your friendly neighborhood TV Addict has decided to save those lucky enough to call themselves “Emmy Voters” from countless hours spent needlessly scrolling through a seemingly never ending PDF of worthy performers by presenting our “Emmy Nominations Made Easy!” With today’s focus being on our picks for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

We Make the Case For…

[680] Julie Bowen: As a decades worth of Emmy-less episodes for FRIENDS star Courteney Cox illustrated , playing the high-strung type-A personality in a show overflowing with funny is easier said than done.

[683] Alison Brie: For evidence of Brie’s genuine comedic chops look no further than her work as not-quite-desperate 60’s era housewife Trudy Campbell on MAD MAN. From freshman COMMUNITY college student to being MAD about Pete Campbell? Now that’s what we call range!

[712] Cheryl Hines: Proof positive that there is in fact life after Larry David comes Hines’ over-the-top winning portrayal as Real Housewife of Chatswin Dallas Royce.

[725] Jane Krakowski: Often forgotten amidst America’s much-deserved infatuation with 30 ROCK star Tina Fey is Krakowski’s penchant for stealing virtually any scene she’s in. Just don’t tell her egomaniacal self-centered small screen alter-ego Jenna Maroney that!

[760] Eden Sher: Despite flying somewhat under the comedic radar in stark contrast to many of her fellow Emmy hopefuls, Sher doesn’t just get points for her hilarious and heartfelt portrayal of MIDDLE child Sue Heck, but for being one of the few teenage characters on television to actually act her age!

[777] Casey Wilson: Since tumblr has yet to create an award show of their very own for Wilson’s workman like ability to turn any line of dialogue or physical action into an automatic , an Emmy nod will have to do. a

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  • Anonymous

    One problem with your Julie Bowen argument: she won last year. She’s the reigning winner in the category.

  • Thanks for the freelance edit! As I’ve mentioned to numerous people who were kind enough to correct by oversight, where were you 30 minutes ago 🙂