Emmy Nominations Made Easy: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

With the June 28th deadline to return Emmy nominee ballots fast approaching, many of your favorite television web sites have begun to make their case for a handful of worthy 2012 nominees. Not to be outdone, we here at theTVaddict.com have decided — as we are wont to do — to take things one step further. Which is to say, in a completely altruistic effort to simplify things for the voting body that is the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, your friendly neighborhood TV Addict has decided to save those lucky enough to call themselves “Emmy Voters” from countless hours spent needlessly scrolling through a seemingly never ending PDF of worthy performers by presenting our “Emmy Nominations Made Easy!” With today’s focus being on our picks for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

We Make the Case For…

[263] Ty Burrell: Before you make the case that it’s time for change with this being a potential for Burrell’s third consecutive nomination following last years first ever Emmy win — re-watch this season’s award-worthy gem that had Phil Dunphy face the all-too-relatable realization that his eldest daughter Haley was no longer his “unbroken flower ” — then talk to us.

[290] Max Greenfield: Is there any question that Max Greenfield’s loveable lothario Schmidt was this season’s biggest breakout star? Didn’t think so.

[341] Adam Pally: In the spirit of “saving the drama for Wilmer Valderrama” there is nothing more refreshing and welcome than Pally’s completely non-stereotypical portrayal of a modern-day gay man (Or as we like to refer to him as, HAPPY ENDINGS Kramer equivalent!)

[349] Chris Pratt: Behind the dimwitted well-intentioned dofus that is Andy Dwyer is truly gifted comedian. Case in point, one of our most memorable PARKS AND RECREATION laugh-out-loud moments was — by the actor’s own admission — ad-libbed, “Leslie, I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have network connectivity problems.”

[350] Danny Pudi: Whether he’s wowing us with his encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, or waging war against Troy in the age-old debate that is ‘pillow’ versus ‘blanket’ fort, Pudi’s continued development as one of television’s most curious characters has outstanding performance by a supporting actor in a comedy written all over it.

[352] Jim Rash: While a part of us wants Rash to snag a nomination just to see if he has the cojones to pull off another brilliant bit akin to his take on “Angelina Jolie’s Leg” (Circa. Oscars 2012), a bigger part of us wants to simply reward this one-man scene stealer for his consistent ability to do (and wear) anything for a laugh.

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  • Jim Rash is great on Community, but he doesn’t have enough screen time, development or material to be considered one of the best actors of the year. If anything, Donald Glover deserves that spot more than anyone else especially after going through drastic character growth. He and Pudi had great performances this season. 

    My nominees: 

    Ty Burrell- Modern Family
    Donald Glover- Community
    Nolan Gould- Modern Family
    Nick Offerman- Parks & Recreation
    Ed O’Neill- Modern Family
    Dani Pudi- Community

    Runner-s up: 

    Jesse Tyler Fergunson- Modern Family
    Nolan Gould- Modern Family
    Adam Pally- Happy Endings
    Jeremy Piven- Entourage
    Chris Pratt- Parks & Recreation
    Eric Stonestreet- Modern Family

    P.S. Max Greenfield has one of the most annoying characters on TV of all time, so yes, I do question that he’s this season’s “breakout star”. That would go to Robert Carlyle.