Emmy Nominations Made Easy: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

With the June 28th deadline to return Emmy nominee ballots fast approaching, many of your favorite television web sites have begun to make their case for a handful of worthy 2012 nominees. Not to be outdone, we here at theTVaddict.com have decided — as we are wont to do — to take things one step further. Which is to say, in a completely altruistic effort to simplify things for the voting body that is the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, your friendly neighborhood TV Addict has decided to save those lucky enough to call themselves “Emmy Voters” from countless hours spent needlessly scrolling through a seemingly never ending PDF of worthy performers by presenting our “Emmy Nominations Made Easy!” With today’s focus being on our picks for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

We Make the Case For…

[782] Morena Baccarin: Making the most of her highest profile role to date that doesn’t involve some sort of space ship, Baccarin’s performance as a grief-stricken former military-widow put in an impossible situation was, oddly enough, out of this world.

[833] Lena Headey: When an audience ends up rooting for the survival of an immeasurably cruel power-mad queen with a somewhat peculiar taste in men and a dependance on alcohol, you know you’re doing your job as an actress.

[834] Christina Hendricks: Despite her character’s history for breaking hearts, nothing compares to the beating ours took after witnessing the lengths to which Joan Holloway would go to in an effort to provide a future for both herself and her family.

[836] Megan Hilty: Lost amidst the disappointment that was SMASH’s roller coaster ride of a first season was Hilty’s phenomenal performance. Suffice it to say, she can be our star any day.

[869] Archie Panjabi: If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it speaks volumes as to just how commonplace variations of Panjabi’s morally flexible sleuth has become across the primetime television landscape.

[870] Lana Parrilla: Evil has never been this fun, or looked so good in a skin-tight leather dress.

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  • There is nothing special about Baccarin’s performance in Homeland. I never considered her a top contender. Same goes for Lena Parrilla and Megan Hilty who are good in their roles, but nothing spectacular enough to garner nominations. 

    Lena Headey is incredible as the Queen, but if I was going to go with someone from Game of Thrones to be nominated, it would be Maise Williams who put on an incredible performance as Arya Stark. She is the standout of this season in my opinion. 

    I think you did a disservice to Anna Gun when you ignored her for Breaking Bad. She was outstanding this year and deserves some recognition. Same goes for Kelly Macdonald who you’ve snubbed along with the rest of the cast of Boardwalk Empire.

    I also think the Academy should stop snubbing Grey’s Anatomy. The show is hardly perfect and isn’t close to its quality of its first season, but Sandra Oh continues to put on fantastic performance every year and snubbed every single time. It’s time for her to get a little recognition. 

    My final nominations would go like this: 
    * Kelly Macdonald, Boardwalk Empire
    * Anna Gun, Breaking Bad
    * Maise Williams, Game of Thrones
    * Lena Headey, Game of Thrones
    * Christina Hendricks, Mad Men
    * Sandra Oh, Grey’s Anatomy