Emmy Nominations Made Easy: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

With the June 28th deadline to return Emmy nominee ballots fast approaching, many of your favorite television web sites have begun to make their case for a handful of worthy 2012 nominees. Not to be outdone, we here at theTVaddict.com have decided — as we are wont to do — to take things one step further. Which is to say, in a completely altruistic effort to simplify things for the voting body that is the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, your friendly neighborhood TV Addict has decided to save those lucky enough to call themselves “Emmy Voters” from countless hours spent needlessly scrolling through a seemingly never ending PDF of worthy performers by presenting our “Emmy Nominations Made Easy!” With today’s focus being on our picks for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

We Make the Case For…

[423] Josh Charles: In a neck-and-neck finish between caddish co-star Alan Cumming’s Eli Gold, Josh Charles’ Will Gardner wins our endorsement by a hair thanks to a far showier season in which he was forced to deftly juggle his complicated love life alongside a very unexpected speed bump in his career.

[454] Peter Dinklage: Since history would dictate that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will more than likely overlook GAME OF THRONES for falling into the category of “genre” television, look to Dinklage to follow up last year’s Emmy win with, at the very least, another nomination for his morally flexible scene stealing portrayal of Tyrion Lannister.

[510] Vincent Kartheiser: Nothing says Emmy-worthy like Kartheiser’s fantastic fifth season portrayal of Pete Campbell that took beefing up for a role to an entirely new level.

[551] John Noble: What better way to kick off what will surely be thirteen fantastic final episodes of FRINGE than with a much-deserved first nomination for this class act. Agreed?

[564] Aaron Paul: If the incessant OMG-YOU-HAVE-NO-IDEA-WHAT-YOU’RE-MISSING… DROP-EVERYTHING-AND-START-WATCHING-THIS-SHOW reaction we constantly seem to get from every single person who discovers that we have yet to jump on the BREAKING BAD bandwagon are any indication, Aaron Paul seems like a pretty safe bet.

[616] Jeremy Allen White: After a SHAMELESS second season that saw Lip Gallagher put through the ringer both emotionally and physically, an Emmy nomination sure sounds like consolation to us.

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  • Good picks, but no Giancarlo Esposito? Gus Fring was perhaps my favorite television villain of all time, he deserves some award recognition. 

  • Jenn

    There is an astounding lack of Giancarlo Esposito on this list! Take Jeremy out and Giancarlo in and it would be perfect.

  • The only reason Giancarlo Esposito didn’t make the cut is the that I like to spread the love across multiple shows.

  • Come on guys, Giancarlo Esposito deserves to be on this list, regardless if it requires for two nominations for Breaking Bad. If anything, I think Esposito was superior to Paul this season as well. 

    Soo of my favorite shows have multiple contenders. Mad Men has Vincent Kartheiser, John Slattery and Jared Harris vying for a spot while Game of Thrones has Alfie Allen, Peter Dinklage and Richard Madden. That being said, Dinklage is the only one I can see getting a nomination for Game of Thrones. Sadly, HBO decided to not submit Charles Dance and Jack Gleeson who I thought would be shoe-ins for nominations. 

    Breaking Bad has Paul and Esposito, while other favorite shows of mine, Homeland and Once Upon a Time have top-notch contenders in Mandy Patinkin and Robert Carlyle. Hell on Wheels has Christopher Heyerdahl who I believe is completely underrated and should be guaranteed a nomination. The Swede sends chills down my spine every time he is on-screen. 

    My official nominations would be: 
    * Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones
    * Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
    * Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad
    * Robert Carlyle, Once Upon a Time
    * Christopher Heyerdahl, Hell on Wheels
    * Mandy Patinkin, Homeland

    Sadly, I just snubbed the Mad Men cast, but I just think each and one of these guys were superior to the individual Mad Men actors this season, even though Mad Men as a whole is the best damn ensemble on TV.