Emmy Nominations Made Easy: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

With the June 28th deadline to return Emmy nominee ballots fast approaching, many of your favorite television web sites have begun to make their case for a handful of worthy 2012 nominees. Not to be outdone, we here at theTVaddict.com have decided — as we are wont to do — to take things one step further. Which is to say, in a completely altruistic effort to simplify things for the voting body that is the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, your friendly neighborhood TV Addict has decided to save those lucky enough to call themselves “Emmy Voters” from countless hours spent needlessly scrolling through a seemingly never ending PDF of worthy performers by presenting our “Emmy Nominations Made Easy!” With today’s focus being on our picks for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

We Make the Case For…

[058] Bryan Cranston: Once again, if the incessant OMG-YOU-HAVE-NO-IDEA-WHAT-YOU’RE-MISSING… DROP-EVERYTHING-AND-START-WATCHING-THIS-SHOW reaction we constantly seem to get from every single person who discovers that we have yet to jump on the BREAKING BAD bandwagon are any indication, Bryan Cranston is a lock. Particularly after not being eligible last year due to AMC’s unexpected scheduling snafu.

[068] Kelsey Grammer: If Bryan Cranston’s three consecutive Emmy wins has taught us anything, it’s that members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences love nothing more than a veteran comedy actor going dark. And dark doesn’t begin to describe Grammer’s turn as Chicago mayor Tom Kane.

[070] Jon Hamm: With four nominations and zero wins to his name, there is little chance that Hamm won’t get an opportunity to find out if the fifth time’s the charm.

[076] Jason Isaacs: Question: What’s the only thing AWAKE fans can agree on following a mind-blowing finale that left the show’s central mystery very much open to interpretation? Answer: The emotional impact that Jason Isaacs gut-wrenching performance left with those lucky enough to have experienced this brilliant-but-canceled series.

[080] Damian Lewis: Was there any performance more gripping than Lewis’ powerful portrayal of an American soldier returning home after 8 years spent as an Al-Qaeda prison of war? If you have to ask, you sure as heck haven’t seen HOMELAND.

[086] William H.Macy: As television’s latest cautionary tale, Macy’s magnificent example of parenting “don’ts” didn’t just keep us howling on the floor in laughter during SHAMELESS season 2, but surprised us with some unexpected poignant moments in the process.

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  • I definitely agree with the triumvirate of Jon Hamm, Bryan Cranston and Damien Lewis who are practically guaranteed nominations at the Emmys. The three of them were remarkable in their respective seasons and everyone knows the real race is between them.

    That being said, the last three spots are up for grabs. These guys don’t stand a chance against the top 3, but it’s still an incredible honor to be nominated.

    I haven’t seen The Boss, but I here good things about it. I’m not a regular viewer of Shameless, but I do enjoy it. I don’t think Macy had enough depth to be considered a contender compared to the rest of the landscape.

    But of course, I have to take in consideration the shows I haven’t watched. The only other performance that I have seen who I think is going to make it is Steve Buscemi for his superb work on Boardwalk Empire. I think the other two will go to Kelsey Grammer and Timothy Olyphant, but that’s based on word-of-mouth as I haven’t seen them. 

    Of the shows I do watch, the other contenders I see are: 
    • Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
    • Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead
    • Anson Mount, Hell on Wheels
    • Jason Isaacs, Awake
    • Michael C. Hall, Dexter
    • Hugh Laurie, House

    If I were to make my own list, I’d add Buscemi, Mount and Isaacs in a heartbeat. Mount is the most underrated actor right now as he doesn’t have any traction whatsoever for his incredible turn as Cullen Bohannon on Hell on Wheels. Hopefully, he gets more attention next year.

    These three, plus the triumvirate mentioned above are my personal picks. I’d give out the award to Bryan Cranston, because, come on, he’s UNSTOPPABLE.