Care to dish on DEGRASSI’s return? — Rachel
The TV Addict: Do I ever! Unfortunately, I’m not so sure our friendly neighborhood DEGRASSI publicists would appreciate us spilling the beans as to the identity of the controversial couple adorning posters touting an upcoming school production that we just so happened to have spotted plastered throughout the school as we made our way across the DEGRASSI set to THE L.A. COMPLEX, which oddly enough shoots just next door. And while we’re on the subject of sets we probably shouldn’t be mentioning…

Any idea what troubles the gang from THE L.A. COMPLEX will be getting into upon the show’s July 17th return? — Justin
The TV Addict: Expect the career trajectory of one very unlucky Hollywood hopeful to come to a screeching halt based on the the “11th Street Mission” we spied while visiting the set.

After last week’s heartbreaking FALLING SKIES I could really use some positive news. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for the men, woman and children of the 2nd Mass? — Melissa
The TV Addict: Having already had the pleasure of checking out this Sunday’s episode, we’re happy to report that next week’s instalment, appropriately titled “Love and Other Acts of Courage,” actually does bring with it some hopeful developments. Of course, this being FALLING SKIES, the romantic entanglements and unexpected arrival of an exciting new ally comes at a price that may-or-may-not involve even more grizzly death and loss. Gulp!

With so many rumors swirling around the new season of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, I’m hoping you can offer up a little something for us die hard fans to sink our teeth into until the series’ October return. — Monica
The TV Addict: Word on the street — and by ‘street’ we of course are referring to the tiny town that is Mystic Falls — is that a idealistic Pastor named Young will be picking up the torch from our dearly departed Alaric by enlisting the help of Meredith to rid Mystic Falls of the scourge that are vampires. Evidently, hell hath no fury like a Pastor scorn!

Is COVERT AFFAIRS serious about killing off a major character at the start of their new season? —Brandon
The TV Addict: Deadly serious! Get it… We certainly hope so because that’s all your going to get from us on a certain subject we were sworn to secrecy on. Unlike the one surrounding Annie’s newest assignment, which is not only deep under cover, but may afford her with the opportunity to have a little covert affair (HA!) of her very own.

With NIKITA getting a somewhat unexpected third season renewal, I was wondering if you cared to offer up some intel on how the writers are going to handle Division being basically dismantled at the end of last season? — Zane
The TV Addict: Percy may be gone, but Division is far from forgotten. According to sources surrounding the production, fans can expect Nikita to be offered an integral role in running Division 2.0. Her mission, should she choose to accept it, will be to track down the ex-Division agents who went rogue following Percy’s not-so-unfortunate demise. Needless to say, the job will be easier said than done with producers currently on the lookout for an American male named Martin described as “Handsome with a wry smile and an evil sexuality,” and — now this is were things get a little more dangerous — his butt-kicking henchman Li Bai.

Anything to say about USA Network’s upcoming mini-series POLITICAL ANIMALS? — Jonathan
The TV Addict: If you have to ask, you clearly aren’t following us on Twitter! As this is what we tweeted yesterday, “USA Networks’ #PoliticalAnimals is #DirtySexyMoney meets #TheWestWing. It’s also the most fun I have had watching TV all summer.” That said, viewers should be warned that the two hour pilot does start off somewhat slow in setting up the series, but once it hits the twenty minute mark, you’ll very quickly be drawn into this scintillating and scandalous world painted by master-storytelling Greg Berlanti (EVERWOOD, JACK & BOBBY).

Now that the audience has been filled in as to who shot Nancy on WEEDS, how long until the rest of the Botwin clan catches on? — Matthew
The TV Addict: Not long at all. Unfortunately for Nancy’s shooter Ted Scottson, we have a feeling his portrayer Daryl Sabara will have to use all of the skills he accumulated from his time spent on the set of Spy Kids to protect himself from the certain Botwin family member who connects the dots first. Stay tuned.

Additional reporting by Tiffany Vogt.