Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with THE MIDDLE and ANGER MANAGEMENT Star Katlin Mastandrea

While the name Katlin Mastandrea may not be a household one just yet, odds are “Weird Ashley” certainly is. As Sue Heck’s scene-stealing sidekick on THE MIDDLE, Mastandrea has parlayed her hilarious recurring character into what we have a feeling will be an equally funny one on ANGER MANAGEMENT. So just what is it like working alongside Charlie Sheen and did she ever expect to end up where she is? We recently caught up with Mastandrea to find out just that.

Originating from Colorado, we’re always curious how one takes that leap to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting?
Katlin Mastandrea: I’ve wanted to act since I was ten. So when I was old enough, my Mom agreed to move out here with my brother while my Dad travels back and forth from Colorado. I’m fortunate enough to have my family with me.

Your breakout role was that of “Weird Ashley” on THE MIDDLE. What do you think it is about her that has made her so popular with the fans?
I like that she is not your average high schooler. It’s cool to play someone that is not normal because you can do stuff that’s odd and make it look funny.

Tonight is your first appearance on ANGER MANAGEMENT, what can you tell us about the role?
I can say her name is Olivia and she’s the best friend of Sam who is Charlie Sheen’s daughter on the show. She’s think she knows a lot more than she does and because we’re friends, we’re in the house a lot and Charlie comes in and gets freaked out by all our girl talk.

You must get this a lot but, what’s it really like to act opposite Charlie Sheen?
He’s really sweet and really nice. Actually on set, because I’m with a group of girls who are younger he tries to watch his language around us. He also apologies when he doesn’t. He’s very professional.

From CRIMINAL MINDS to THE MIDDLE and now ANGER MANAGEMENT, you’ve done quite well for yourself in the guest starring department. Is their an art to constantly being the new girl on set?
It’s a little nerve-wracking, but once you figure out the vibe you’ll be fine. You really want to see a good vibe on set. If they’re laughing you’re fine, if they’re not laughing and very tight on schedule you better shut your mouth. Thankfully both THE MIDDLE and ANGER MANAGEMENT, even though they do work fast, you don’t have to worry about being yelled at, it’s very nice!

Photo Credit: Deidhra Fahey

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