Morning Static: DAMAGES, TEEN WOLF, NIKITA & More!

• Trailer Park: THE MINDY PROJECT.
• Character Studies: Patty Hewes, DAMAGES.
• Casting Coup: ALCATRAZ alum is headed to NIKITA.
• Rumor Patrol: Jennifer Lopez negotiations are “Complicated and Fluid” in terms of AMERICAN IDOL Season 12.
• TEEN WOLF Gets Super-Sized, Renewed for a 24 episode third season.
• Must Read TV: Bryan Cranston picks his 13 favorite BREAKING BAD moments.

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  • Anonymous

    And by “complicated and fluid,” we can interpret that as “I want more money, and public haggling keeps my name in the news,” right, J-Lo?  Good lord, Cowell pulled this same stunt nearly every season for publicity.  It’s rather tired and ho-hum now.

  • Anonymous

    Ohh, okay, Jen-Jen…you’re “saving face” now, since you don’t wanna appear to be a LOSER staying on-board when that goofball S. Tyler ran away.

    This is like rats fleeing a sinking ship.  And I couldn’t be happier.  Good riddance to one and all, and esp. to the show that killed scripted network TV.