Comic Con Quickie: Star Anna Torv Teases FRINGE’s Final Season, Talks Life Under Observer Rule and the Whereabouts of Olivia

Couldn’t make it to sunny San Diego for the annual pop culture confab that is Comic Con? Never fear… is here. Here that is with some fantastic video interviews courtesy of our West Coast Correspondent Tiffany Vogt and photag sister Jen. Both of whom risked life and limb to get you up close and personal with your favorite [or soon-to-be favorite] stars. Case in point, this just shot interview with FRINGE star Anna Torv, who teases FRINGE’s final season, talks life under Observer rule and the whereabouts of Olivia!

FRINGE returns this Fall starting Friday September 28th at 9PM on FOX (CityTV in Canada)

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  • i dnt want it be the last season of fringe…