Any scoop I can sink my teeth into to tide me over until THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ October return would be very much appreciated. — Marnie
The TV Addict: Move over SAVED BY THE BELL, Season Three of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES might as well be subtitled “The College Years!” At least in terms of Bonnie’s life, who according to reports will get a little too close to a brilliant and charming Professor (aren’t they all?) whose sad history drives an obsession with the occult, all things supernatural, and as luck would have it, a certain witch.

What is up with Kal and Tariq on THE L.A. COMPLEX? Tuesday’s season premiere was off-the-hook! — Luke
The TV Addict: Well, hold on to your hats, because the fun is just getting started. This Tuesday’s episode not only sees Abby in yet another ridiculously awkward situation on the set of Alan Thicke’s little-too-close-for-comfort family, but may in fact serve as somewhat of a turning point for Tariq and Kal. The latter of whom will finally come out to somebody. Of course, this being THE L.A. COMPLEX, that certain somebody is most certainly not who one would expect.

After this past weekends Comic Con in San Diego, I’m not sure I can wait until ARROW’s premiere. Any Scoop? — Nick
The TV Addict: Suffice it to say, when ARROW does premiere this Fall, star Stephen Amell will have his hands full. Case in point, the show’s third episode ominously titled “Lone Gunman” that sees producers currently casting for a thirty something assassin with a fondness for tattooing the names of the men he has killed over his body. Ouch!

Do you have any idea as to the true identity of Quinn on SCANDAL? — Jennifer
The TV Addict: Nope! Thus, in lieu of any actual information we hope this morsel of SCANDAL scoop will suffice: You know how last season showrunner Shonda Rhimes revealed White House Chief of Staff Cyrus to be the show’s big baddie? Well, when SCANDAL does return for its much anticipated second season you might be surprised to learn that Cyrus may not have acted alone. At least according to sources that have the show currently casting for an even biggie baddie. One with much deeper pockets, who unfortunately for Cyrus, expects his Presidential donations to allow him to play puppet master. The nerve!

Any word on what hijinx we can expect from not-quite-father-of-the-year Frank Gallagher now that SHAMELESS has started shooting again? — Mikey
The TV Addict: Good News: Expect Frank to actually spend some time coaching his youngest son Carl. Bad News: Did we mention the coaching will be along the lines of how to act like a child suffering with Cancer so that Frank can score some Make-a-Wish style benefits like Bulls ticket?

I’m jonsin’ for some Braverman intel. Specifically, how the family is going to adjust to Julia and Joel’s adoption of Victor? — Brenda
The TV Addict: Much like every plot point in PARENTHOOD, Victor’s adjustment to life amongst the Bravermans is going to be a rocky one. Particularly after Max notices his pet lizard is missing from the house. Awkward.

Absolutely loved me some POLITICAL ANIMALS on Sunday. Anything interesting to report? — Jayson
The TV Addict: If by interesting you mean a warning that audiences should probably brace themselves for the fact that not every character introduced during this past Sunday’s star-studded series premiere will survive to the end of this mini series event. Well, then yes, consider yourself warned.

Any idea how life is shaping up for the denizens of BlueBell following last season’s eventful HART OF DIXIE finale? — Lesley
The TV Addict: It’s complicated. Take HART OF DIXIE’s upcoming second episode of the season for example. While normally, one might be excited that BlueBellaPalooza is rocking the usually quiet little coastal town, this particularly music festival brings with it some unwanted tourists. Namely, musicians of the romantic variety who may-or-may-not be back to complicate things between Wade and Zoe. Complications Zoe sure as heck doesn’t need considering the not-so-good Doctor Brick with whom she shares office space with decided it would be a good idea to offer his hurting daughter Lemon a job.

In celebration of WEEDS just-shot 100th episode, I’m hoping you can provide me with a gift in the form of some scoop. — Dave
The TV Addict: How’s this? Not only will Sunday’s episode double as Hunter Parrish’s audition for the Christian Grey role in 50 Shades of Grey, the episode will culminate with more problems for Nancy thanks to the return of a certain gentleman from her past.

I’m seriously worried for Ben Mason after Sunday’s final FALLING SKIES moments. Is there anything you can say to alleviate my fears? — Rachel
The TV Addict: As much as we’d like to give you some good news on the Ben Mason front, all indications point to things getting even worse for young actor who is quietly becoming the show’s MVP. Which is to say, you best be keeping kleenex on hand during Sunday’s episode which ends with a father son moment of the heartbreaking variety.